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IV. Scope and Authority of the IRB

The participation of humans in research carried out at the University or under its auspices must be reviewed and approved by an IRB prior to the start of the research.

1. Scope- The UT Arlington IRB reviews protocols for research involving human participants when conducted by or under the direction of any employee, student, or agent of UT Arlington in connection with his or her institutional responsibilities or using any institutional property or facility. Also, the IRB reviews research protocols of non-UT Arlington investigators when UT Arlington faculty, Staff, or students are involved.

2. Authority- The authority conveyed to the IRB includes:

  1. Review/approval of new/continuing research protocols involving human participants and associated informed consent documents (ICD) prior to initiation/continuation of research;

  2. Monitoring of approved projects including regularly scheduled continuing review at least every twelve (12) months for non-exempt studies;

  3. Verification of compliance with approved research protocols and informed consent procedures;

  4. Review of all planned changes to approved protocols prior to implementation;

  5. Review of all adverse events occurring in approved projects, or in other projects related in context to the approved projects;

  6. Restriction of approved research activities to protect participants when necessary; and

  7. Suspension/termination of previously approved protocols for non-compliance with established policies.

3. Authority of Institutional Officials- The VPR (or designated IO) has the authority to review decisions of the IRB. In instances of disagreement, the IO works with the IRB to resolve specific issues.

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