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IRB Resources

IRB - Online Submission System: Please visit the online submission system for submitting your IRB protocol for review electronically. For additional help, please Contact Regulatory Services.

Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP)

OHRP website for Common Findings of Noncompliance

Code of Federal Regulations Title 45 PART 46

The Belmont Report

Research Project Chart for more information on the difference between types of projects, including human subject research, class projects, program evaluations, and quality improvement projects. Class projects, program evaluations, and quality improvement projects would not require IRB review or approval. Please see this chart for more information when determining the best category for your project.

Qualtrics is a survey development tool that allows for easy survey creation and is a great resource for researchers who are using online surveys as part of their research project. Some features are listed below:

  • Subject recruitment: If a researcher needs a specific subject population to respond to their survey, Qualtrics can provide survey panel respondents for an additional charge. More information on Qualtrics project management is available on their website.

  • Anonymize responses: Qualtrics also has a feature to completely anonymize responses, so the subjects would never be identifiable. More information on the anonymize feature is available on their website

Have Questions?

For questions regarding IRB, policies, or protocol
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opportunities, please contact
Alyson Stearns at 817-272-1173 or

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