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For Entrepreneurs


The University of Texas at Arlington and TechFW have created a strategic partnership called TechFW@UTA. This partnership serves UTA faculty, staff and students by providing programs, activities and services geared to nurture innovations made by our University. If you have an idea or an invention already, these offerings will help you and the university understand its value in the market place, how to start and develop a company around the invention or to help set a commercial pathway.

The Programs and Service offerings of this partnership are FREE to all UTA faculty, staff and students subject to availability and the eligibility requirements for each respective program.



About: The Breakthrough program provides the tools you need to determine whether a technology is best commercialized through a start-up company or licensing to an established company. A deep understanding of your technology and its advantages in the market place will be learned providing insight into its value and areas for improvement.

Eligibility: For UTA faculty and graduate students. To find out more or to schedule an appointment contact Jorge Varela, TechFW Assistant Director, at 817-984-9841 or Darlene Boudreaux, TechFW Executive Director, at 817-984-9840. This is not a prerequisite to participation in ThinkLab.

Program: The program consists of a series of escalating one-on-one sessions with TechFW and OTM staff.

• If a start-up is formed, UTA personnel involved in the company may participate in ThinkLab to formulate a commercialization strategy, develop the business model and business plan, and establish the company.

Think Lab

About: Designed for very early stage startups, Think Lab trains you to “think like an entrepreneur.”

Eligibility: Must have identified a technology on which to base a company and be working (in conjunction with OTM) towards patent protection for the technology.

Program: In this intensive, hands-on workshop series, you and selected members of your team will learn how to plan for success or fail fast. TechFW staff and mentors work directly with you on the development of a business plan. ThinkLab utilizes tools developed by to challenge you to think in new ways.

Acceleration Program

About: The Acceleration program is designed for early stage companies commercializing new and unique technologies. TechFW will assist you with attaining community visibility, creating a business infrastructure, developing a management team, recruiting external advisors, accessing funding, and more. TechFW will also provide assistance with marketing and PR strategies, drafting press releases, and distributing news to different media outlets. When you are ready to seek funding, TechFW will assist you with preparing and presenting your pitch to third party investors.

Eligibility: Available for companies based on UTA technologies. The company must have attained the rights to the technology (via a License Agreement with UTA), have a CEO who is working full-time in the business and have a business plan that meets TechFW’s requirements. To learn more or participate in this program contact Jorge Varela, TechFW Assistant Director, at 817-984-9841 or Darlene Boudreaux, TechFW Executive Director, at 817-984-9840.

Program: The program includes frequent strategic planning meetings with TechFW staff, where you will develop a map of your business strategies and work on their implementation. TechFW staff will act as mentors, coaches, advisers, and referral sources. Your CEO will participate in quarterly retreats with other TechFW Acceleration CEOs, at which your CEO will share feedback and advice with other CEOs with respect issues that the company may be experiencing.

Other Available Activities

Tech Nest

TechNest consists of monthly working lunches, in Fort Worth or Arlington, covering topics critical to technology entrepreneurs and quarterly networking events. Varying topics/sessions are available and is free to any UTA faculty, staff or student working toward commercializing technologies. Seating may be limited. Contact Sarah Zink at TechFW at to join the mailing list to be kept aware of dates and times of events.

Cowtown Angels

The Cowtown Angels program of TechFW helps young businesses get connected with local angel investors in order to create more jobs and wealth in the local community. Coaching relative to how to prepare a business pitch to obtain funding is available to all UTA faculty, staff and students seeking venture funding. Contact Jorge Varela at TechFW, 817-984-9841, to arrange a consultation session to determine whether your company is ready to pitch to this or another angel investor network and, if not, what you need to do to get ready.