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Web-based Invention Disclosure Procedure

OTM uses Sophia, a Wellspring product, to manage all aspects of its technology transfer responsibilities.  Sophia offers the capability to have a web-based invention disclosure process so that your invention disclosures are entered directly into Sophia upon submission of your disclosure and approval by OTM.  You will still receive an acknowledgement email from OTM, indicating that your disclosure has been received and approved.

Sophia also offers you the capability to see your inventions, patent applications filed, marketing activities undertaken, and investment into the patent application filing and patent prosecution.


In order to submit your invention disclosure to OTM:

                        Go to to login to Sophia.  Login by entering your username and password where indicated.

                        If you do not have a login ID and password for Sophia, email to obtain one.


          For detailed instructions for completing the web-based disclosure click here.