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UT Arlington Cost Transfer Policy

Policy Name: Cost Transfers to Grant Accounts

Policy Number: 1000-002
Scope: All Grant Accounts
Created:  5/4/2006
Revised:  1/8/07, 9/16/11, June 2014, July 2016
Responsible Office/Person:  The Office of Grant and Contract Services


All costs applicable to a sponsored activity should be correctly recorded in a timely fashion to the appropriate Project ID.  Delays or errors in expenditure processing and subsequent cost transfers can affect invoicing and payments received from sponsors that could potentially lead to disallowed costs or damage the relationship with sponsors of university research.


Transfers of cost to, from or between sponsored projects can be made to correct bookkeeping or clerical errors in original charges. Such transfers must be requested as soon as possible and be supported by documentation that contains an explanation of the error (with transaction number references) and be in compliance with the terms and conditions governing the award.
Transfers to other sponsored projects in order to meet deficiencies by overruns or other fund considerations are not acceptable as justification.


A Cost Transfer is: a transfer of costs to, from or between Project IDs for a charge previously recorded elsewhere. Examples:
•    transfer pre-award costs from a departmental Cost Center
•    correct a clerical error
•    reallocate effort expenses to reflect actual effort certified per the effort card
•    reallocate shared services that were previously charged elsewhere, etc. 


Requests for Cost Transfers involving Project IDs should be emailed to the Office of Grant and Contract Services (GCS) – Post Award Grant and Contract Specialist or to for approval.   This correspondence should detail the cost transfer request, provide a detailed justification for the transfer and identify the Projects involved.  Justification must be more descriptive than “correction of error”.  If approved, GCS will forward the approval to the Office of Grant Accounting for the transfer of the expense in the UT Share accounting system.  
All Cost transfers more than 90 days after their identification will require higher scrutiny, more extensive justification, and approval from the Assistant Vice President Research or the Director of Grant and Contract Services.  
Payroll Corrections:
Effort Reporting payroll corrections noted on effort cards normally require a subsequent payroll adjustment or correction and are completed by a change to the individuals appointment through the normal appointment process in the accounting system.


It is the responsibility of each Principal Investigator and department to:  
•    Ensure compliance with the Cost Transfers to Grant Accounts Policy.
•    Identify expenses requiring Cost Transfer.
•    Retain hard copies of all related documentation in accordance with applicable record retention regulations.
•    Ensure all personnel engaged in the financial administration of grant accounts are familiar with the Cost Transfers to Grant Accounts policy.
GCS has review and approval responsibility for cost transfers and is available to assist in interpretation and implementation of the policy, including prior review of explanations for transfers crossing the 90-day lateness threshold.  For repeated Cost Transfers, GCS may train the PI and department personnel in the affects such transfers have on sponsored funding and where appropriate inform the PI’s supervisor or other administrative personnel.  
Grant Accounting will make the necessary adjustments or entries into the UT Share accounting system.

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