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Equipment Rules Assigned to Grants and Contracts

                                                    ECRT procedure

The Equipment Rule will allow Professors, Purchasing, and OGCS to know the requirements/approvals necessary for the purchase of equipment.  The assigned equipment rule for a grant or contract may be found at command CA3 screen 1 of the grant account number in the DEFINE system under the “Equip Rule” field.  The equipment rule concerns only charges against (80) equipment and (81) equipment fabrication sub-accounts.

01 - EQUIPMENT PURCHASES ALLOWED, NO AUDIT  -  The sponsoring agency allows the purchase of equipment and there are no stipulations in the agreement concerning Inventory reports or audit requirements.  This will be used mostly by private sponsors or Federal grants under expanded authorities. 

02 - EQUIPMENT PURCHASED ALLOWED WITH AUDIT  - Used for most of the grants and contracts.  The budget allows the purchase of equipment, there are no stipulations regarding the time equipment is bought, and there are audit requirements or Inventory reports required. 

03 - EQUIPMENT REQUIRES ACCOUNTANT APPROVAL  - Any purchases of equipment that requires OGCS approval.  Purchasing will send the Purchase Order to OGCS for approval before payment.  

04 - EQUIPMENT REQUIRES AGENCY APPROVAL : Equipment is not a line item in the budget and the agency requires written notification to setup new categories, or specifically requires approval to purchase equipment.  If a grant or contract is assigned this rule, the Principal Investigator or Department should contact OGCS before the equipment is ordered/purchased.  Grants or Contracts with this rule will usually require a statement from the Principal Investigator justifying the need to purchase the equipment.  The justification letter should be sent to OGCS and OGCS will then forward the letter to the sponsoring agency requesting permission to buy the equipment. 
99 - NO EQUIPMENT ALLOWED  - Contract specifically does not allow the purchase of equipment.  Used mainly for fellowship/stipend contracts only.