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Persons Eligible to Submit Proposal

                                                         OFFICE OF GRANT & CONTRACT (OGCS) SERVICES


Revised: September 16, 2011

The University encourages faculty members, individually or in groups, to seek outside support for research
that will contribute to new knowledge. Although the University has established various procedures related
to the conduct of research projects, the responsibility for managing these projects lies with authorized
principal investigators or project directors.

Only the University, acting on behalf of the Board of Regents of the University of Texas System, can
accept a grant or contract from an outside sponsoring agency. The official designated by the Regents to
enter into these agreements is the University President; who, in turn, has delegated this authority for
proposal submission and award acceptance to the Vice President for Research and specific other
individuals in writing.

Certain legal and ethical obligations are stated or implied in these documents of agreement. The University
becomes responsible for the proper performance of the stated work and for fiscal management of the funds
received from the sponsor. Sponsors usually require that an individual be named to oversee the project
with the reasonable assurance that the agreed responsibilities will be discharged faithfully and prudently in
the mutual interest of the sponsor and the University and over the full period of the award.

In order to implement these obligations only individuals in the categories shown below are authorized to be
principal investigators (PIs) or project directors (PDs) for sponsored projects. The fundamental
requirement is that these individuals must be permanent employees of the University. For faculty in
professional ranks, the status of either tenured or tenure earning track is implicit in the definition of
permanent employee. In other rare instances individuals may be authorized only with the prior written
approval of the Department Chair or Vice President for Research.

1. Members of the faculty in professional ranks         
    Associate Professor
    Assistant Professor

2. Administrative/Professional positions
    President                                                         Dean
    Provost Associate                                          Dean
    Vice Provost Assistant                                  Dean
    Vice President                                                 Director
    Senior Vice President                                    Associate Director
    Associate Vice President                              Assistant Director
    Assistant Vice President

3. Research – Scientific positions
    Social Science/Humanities Research Associate: Level I through V
    Research Engineering/Science Associate: Levels I through V
    Faculty Associates – Research

A few examples of individuals generally not eligible to be a principal investigator/project director are:
   Undergraduate or graduate students (unless the sponsor’s award is to the University on behalf of a
   specific individual).
   Visiting professors (any rank)
   Visitors in a post doctoral position
   Adjunct Professors
   Anyone not in a permanent employee status (defined to be less than 50% time)

Questions about an individual not falling in any of these categories should be directed to the Office of
Grant and Contract Services (ext. 2105) for clarification.