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Travel Rules Assigned to Grants and Contracts


Travel rules will allow professors, Travel, and OGCS to know the requirements/approvals necessary for travel charges.  The assigned travel rule for a grant or contract may be found at command CA3 screen 1 of the grant account number in the DEFINE system under the “Travel Rule” field.  The travel rule concerns only charges against (75) Domestic Travel and (76) Foreign Travel sub-accounts.

State Travel Rules use State per diem rates set by the State Comptroller.  State travel rules are not very flexible.  There are a number of selected hotels and only GRA and GTA student travel expenses are not allowed.  All state accounts (ATP/ARP) are governed by state travel rules.  All Federally funded grants and contracts will usually follow Local Rules for travel.  Foreign travel will most likely use the standard per diem rates.

 01 - UT STATE RULES : Travel is allowed using state per diem rates. No approval is required.
 02 - UT STATE RULES-REQUIRES ACCT APPROVAL : Travel charges must be reviewed by OGCS for approval.
 03 - UT STATE RULES-FOREIGN REQ ACCT APPROVAL: Only foreign travel charges must be reviewed by OGCS for approval. 

Most grant and contracts are governed under local travel rules.  Local Travel Rules are more flexible than State travel rules.  Student travel is allowed and there is a wider selection of acceptable hotels.  The Local travel rule per diem rates are decided by the University and are higher than the State Travel rule per diem rates. 

 05 - UT LOCAL RULES : Travel is allowed using local per diem rates.  No approval is required.  Local Travel per diem rates can be obtained from the Travel  Department.                         
 06 - UT LOCAL RULES-REQUIRES ACCT APPROVAL : Travel charges must be reviewed by OGCS for approval.  
 07 - UT LOCAL RULES-FOREIGN REQ ACCT APPROVAL:  Only foreign travel charges must be reviewed by OGCS for approval.

  11 - ACTUAL EXPENDITURES : Travel charges are reimbursed based on actual expenses.   There may be a few restrictions on hotel rates and travel expenses.  Mostly used for privately funded grants and contracts.                 

 12 - SPECIAL TRAVEL RULE - SEE NOTES ON CA3 :  Detailed instructions for travel charges need to be reviewed on screen 9 of CA3.
 14 - ALL TRAVEL REQUIRES SPONSOR APPROVAL :  Travel charges are not allowed until written approval from the sponsoring agency is received. 
 15 - OUT OF STATE TRAVEL REQUIRES SPONSOR APPROVAL : In state travel is allowed, but out of state travel requires the sponsor’s approval.  In state travel is assumed to be calculated on Local travel rules.
 20 - CG IN-STATE ONLY : Travel is only allowed in the state of Texas.
 23 - CG DOMESTIC ONLY  : Travel is allowed only in the United States

 26 - CG FOREIGN ONLY :  Only foreign travel is allowed. 

 99 - NO TRAVEL ALLOWED : Travel expenses are not allowed.