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Forms Policies & Procedures

Below is a list of policies and procedures for quick reference.

Regulatory Services

Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest Policy


Authorization To Work With Animals
Animal Care Facility Access
IACUC Review Procedures
Occupational Health Program
Regulations and Guidelines
Transportation Policy


Operating Procedures
Statement of Principles and Policies Regarding Human Subjects in Research(IRB Policy)
UTA's Criteria for Approval

Technology Management

Intellectual Property Handbook
Technology Portfolio

Grants and Contract Services


After‐the‐Fact Review of Compensation Charges to Sponsored Projects
Allowable Costs Policy
Cost Sharing Policy
Cost Transfer Policy
Monitoring Subrecipients of Federal Funding
Requirements to Submit Proposals through OGCS
UBIT Policy


Equipment Procedure
This procedure states what constitutes Equipment, Equipment Fabrication, and explains the accounting procedure on how to charge these items to grant accounts
Grant Transfer Procedure PDF
Subrecipient Monitoring and Management Procedure
Procedure for After the Fact Review of Compensation Charges to Sponsored Projects


Authorization for Advance Spending
Blue Routing Sheet
This is a required form for internal approval of any proposals being sent to an outside funding agency. This form must be completed, with approved signatures, before submission of any requests for funding
Equipment Transfer Form
Federal Demonstration Partnership - Special Terms and Conditions
Grant Disposition Form
Guide to Allowable Costs HTML
Indirect Cost Matrix
Legal Requirements to disclose Research Sponsors HTML
NSF Transfer
Persons Eligible to Submit Proposals
This is a University Policy that describes the criteria for University employees to submit proposals for funding from external agencies.
Closeout of Fixed Price Contracts
Summary of PI Responsibilities HTML

Agreement Management


Communications Procedure by Agreement Type

Graduate Tuition Forms

Graduate Tuition Rates

AY 17-18 Graduate Tuition Rates
AY 18-19 Graduate Tuition Rates


EGTA Policy Memo For students admitted prior to Fall 2017
College of Science Assistantship Policy For students admitted prior to Fall 2017
STEM Tuition Policy
Deans Doctoral Assistant Policy For GTAs admitted Fall 2017 and after

STEM Tuition Forms

STEM Student Acknowledgment and Acceptance Form