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Policies & Procedures

Below is a list of policies and procedures for quick reference.

Regulatory Services

Conflict of Interest



Technology Management

Grants and Contract Services

  • UT Arlington Cost Transfer Policy
  • Persons Eligible to Submit Proposals
    This is a University Policy that describes the criteria for University employees to submit proposals for funding from external agencies.
  • Closeout procedure
    Most grants and contracts require a closeout function to be performed. Closeout requires close coordination between the Principal Investigator and the Office of Grant and Contract Services. Timely and accurate closeouts are vital to the continuation of activities with funding agencies.
    • Monitoring Report & Close-Out Notice (pdf)
    • Public Voucher for Purchases and Services other than personal (pdf)
    • Subcontractor's Release (pdf)
    • Subcontractor's Assignment of Refunds, Rebates, and Credits (pdf)
    • Final Technical Report (pdf)
    • Report of Inventions and Subcontracts Form 882 (pdf)
    • DOD Property in the Custody of Contractors Form 1662 (pdf)
    • New Technology Report Form 666A (pdf)
    • DOD Contract Security Classification Specification Form 254 (pdf)
    • Financial Status Report (pdf)
    • Report Documentation Page (pdf)
    • Material Inspection and Receiving Report (pdf)
    • Form 1423-2 (pdf)
  • Cost Sharing Policy
    Describes the University obligations, audit implications, reporting requirements, and University impact on cost sharing in-kind resources and matching funds to funding agencies.
  • Time and Effort Reporting Guidelines
    These guidelines describe effort calculations, supplemental pay, and personnel effort reporting.
  • Time and Effort Reporting Policy
    This policy establishes institutional requirements for reporting payroll distribution activity on sponsored projects.
  • ECRT Procedure
  • Equipment Rules
    GCS assigns "equipment rules" to grant accounts based on interpretation of the agency guidelines. This document describes those rules and where to find them in the accounting system.
  • Federal Demonstration Partnership
    UTA joined FDP in September 2002 and follows special Terms and Conditions that give UTA additional flexibility in administering certain federally funded grant awards.
  • Grant Transfer
    This procedure outlines the protocol for the management of grants and contracts to faculty members who are either transferring from/to UTA, or terminating their appointment at UTA. For Equipment transferring from UTA to another institution, complete the Equipment Transfer Form. 
  • Guide for Allowable Costs
    The following guide is to assist Principal Investigators (PI) in conjunction with Department Chairs, Administrative Assistants, Grant and Contract Services (GCS) personnel, and Office of Grant and Contract Services (GCS) personnel, to understand compliance with University, State, and Federal policies for charging costs to Sponsored Projects (26 accounts).
  • Travel Rules
    OGCS assigns "travel rules" to grant accounts based on interpretation of the agency guidelines. These rules describe the per diem rates applicable to a grant account and where to find them in the accounting system.
  • UBIT Policy
    This is the Unrelated Business Income Tax policy. This statement establishes policies for the financial management of all corporate and industry sponsored projects for which data or other outcome products are expected.