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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) 2009

UT Arlington ARRA Awards

Each federal agency is providing weekly ARRA updates at http://www.recovery.gov/?q=content/agencies.







Early Career Research Program

Recovery Act: Development of Algal/Advanced BiofuelsConsortia

Recovery Act Limited Competition: Biomedical Research, Development, and Growth to Spur the Acceleration of New Technologies (BRDG-SPAN) Pilot Program (RC3)

Memorandum from the President regarding restrictions concerning communication between registered lobbyists and federal agency personnel with regards to the Recovery Act

Recovery Act - National Fish Habitat Action Plan

Recovery Act - Fish Passage

Recovery Act: Carbon Capture and Sequestration

UT System OFR Website for Recovery Act

Academic Research Infrastructure Program: Recovery and Reinvestment (ARI-R²)

Major Research Instrumentation Program (MRI-R²) Recovery and Reinvestment

Recovery Act - Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy(ARPA-E)

Recovery Act - Demonstration of Integrated Biorefinery Operations

National Science Foundation/ARRA Frequently Aasked Questions


ARRA Grant Funding Opportunities

Notice No.



Funding amount


National Institutes of Health


Administrative Supplements for Active
Includes Research Career awards and Institutional Training grants
Must be accomplished within the current
competitive segment
For active NIH grants


No maximum $ amount (for
research grants)
In general NIH expects to award supplements of not more than 50 percent of the amount of the parent
May only request funding for FY 2009 and FY 2010.
Equipment purchases cannot
exceed $100,000

One original, hard copy (with original signatures of the authorized business official)
Submit to addresses listed on the Web site of the funding IC - Not to the Division of Receipt and Referral, NIH
Center for Scientific Review
Email preferred
Click here to visit the link


Administrative Supplements Providing
Summer Research Experiences for Students and Science Educators
For active NIH research

Open May be submitted
throughout FY09 and FY10.
(Note FY10 apps can only
receive one year of funding.)

Salary support for summer
employment – see notice for
dollar limits.

One original, hard copy (with original signatures
of the authorized business official) to the addresses listed on the Web site of the funding IC
Email preferred
Click here to Visit the Link


Biomedical Research, Development, and Growth to Spur the Acceleration of New Technologies

Letters of Intent August 3, 2009
Application Due September 1, 2009 

$1 million per year for three years

For more details

Limited Submissions for National Institutes of Health


Protection of Human Health by Immunology and Vaccines (U01, U19)

Letters of Intent Receipt Date(s): September 15, 2009
Application Receipt Dates(s): October 15, 2009


For more details


Core Facility Renovation,
Repair, and Improvement

September 17, 2009

Limited to 2 applications; direct costs between $1M and $10M

Click here to Visit the Link

Notice No.



Funding amount


Department of Education


Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems Recovery Act Program

Nov 19, 2009

For more details


Teacher Quality Partnership Grants Program

Oct 06, 2009

For more details

U.S Fish and Wildlife Service


Fish Passage

Sep 30, 2009

Number of Awards 45
Award ceiling $500,000
Award floor $0

For more details


National Fish Habitat Action Plan

Sep 30, 2009

Number of awards 40
Award ceiling $400,000

For more details



Sep 30, 2009

Number of awards 20
Award ceiling $25,000

For more details


Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program

Sep 30, 2009

Number of awards 40
Award ceiling $25,000

For more details

Department of the Interior


Partnership and volunteer projects to enhance public lands recreation near Salida, Colorado

Sep 1, 2009

Award ceiling: $2,500

For more details

Geological Survey


Volcano Monitoring

Sep 14, 2009

For more details

National Energy Technology Laboratory


Advanced Energy Efficient Building Technologies

Aug 18, 2009

1-3 year performance periods

For more details


Training Program Development for Commercial Building Equipment Technicians, Building Operators, and Energy Commissioning Agents/Auditors

Sep 01, 2009   

For more details


Building America Energy Efficient Housing Partnerships

Aug 24, 2009   

Award Ceiling: $31,250,000 Award Floor: $2,500,000

For more details


Solid-State Lighting Product Development - Round VI

Aug 17, 2009   

for more details


Solid State Lighting U.S. Manufacturing

Aug 24, 2009   

Award Ceiling:
$4 million

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)


Tactical Aircraft to Increase Long Wave Infrared Nighttime Detection (TAILWIND)

Initial Closing – 12:00 noon (ET), 13 July 2009
Final Closing – 12:00 noon (ET), 28 May 2010


For more details

Golden Field Office


Development of Algal/Advanced BiofuelsConsortia

Sep 14, 2009

For more details

Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR)


National Security Science and Engineering Faculty Fellowship

Oct 16, 2009   


For more details


Additional Information:

UT Arlington ARRA Summary Website:

Listing of Federal Agency Recovery Sites:

Agency Specific:

DOE Recovery Website:

EPA Recovery Website:

NIH Recovery Website:

NSF Recovery Website:

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ARRA Funding Program Matrix

HEALTH Workforce Training Titles VII and VII Research Facility Construction Shared Instrumentation Comparative Effectiveness Health IT      
  $250M $200M $1B $300M $1.1B $28      
NSF Research and Related Acitivities Major Research Instrumentation Research Equipment and Facilities Construction Academic Facilities Modernization Education and Human Resources Robert Noyce Scholarships Math and Science Partnerships    
  $2.5B $300M $400M $200M $100m $60M $25M    
NASA Science Aeronautics Cross Agency Exploration    
  $400M $150M $50M $400M    
  Tier 1 Earth Science Climate research aviations safety, environmental impact, and Next Gen Air Transpo System restore hurricane-damaged NASA Facilities      
Defense Renewable Energy Research              
Office of Science ($1.6B)
Sequestration Fossil Fuel Researcg Smart Grid ARPA-E Energy Efficiency  
  Climate High-Energy Physics Nuclear Physics Fusion Energy $20M $3.4B $4.5B $400M  
NIST Scientific and Technical Research and Services Academic Research Facility Construction          
  $220M $180M          
NOAA Habitat and Fisheries Restoration Climate Modeling          
  $400M $170M          
NIH Meritorious research grants will be the main recipients of the research funds. During FY08, there were about 14,000 RO1 research Project grant applications that could not be funded. These will be reviewed for possibilities of two-year awards. There is a possibility that some new proposal will be considered, but it is likely that the bulk of RO1s funded from ARRA money will go to proposals that have alreay been reviewed. Some current grants will recieve supplemental funds, including some supplements that may be made according to themes, such as equipment and training. The supplements will be awarded following existing procedures for supplemental grants. The NIH will issue a new request for applications (likekly in the next week or two) to make grants for meritorious, innovative work which will advance science in a meaningful way and can be accomplished in two years. The Challenge grants will seek to serve priorities of the ICs and cross-cutting research. Funding for each grant is estimated at $500,000 per year for two years.    

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NIH has released two new announcements related to Recovery Act funding:


Please Click here to View Memo from Provost Bobbitt and Dr. Elsenbaumer


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Department of Energy’s:

The Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (OE) issued a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for developing, populating, managing, and maintaining a Web-based Smart Grid Information Clearinghouse.  Smart Grid is the term used for an electricity delivery system that is integrated with modern digital and information technology to provide improved reliability, security, efficiency and ultimately lower cost to the user.


National Science Foundation:

The Recovery Act supplements NSF fiscal year 2009 funding by $3.0 billion. NSF currently has many highly rated proposals that it has not been able to fund. For this reason, NSF is planning to use the majority of the $2 billion available in Research and Related Activities for proposals that are already in house and will be reviewed and/or awarded prior to September 30, 2009.
The Foundation also expects to expeditiously award funds as specified in the Recovery Act for: the Math and Science Partnership program (funded at $25 million); the Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program (funded at $60 million); the Major Research Equipment and Facilities Construction Account (funded at $400 million); the Academic Research Infrastructure (ARI) program (funded at $200 million); and the Science Masters program, (funded at $15 million). Solicitations for these latter two programs will be posted this spring.
NSF will post a solicitation this spring for the Major Research Instrumentation Program (MRI) in order to make a sufficient number of awards to utilize the $300 million provided in the legislation. The Foundation currently anticipates that no other solicitations will be posted that are solely in response to the Recovery Act.


Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

Applications are now available to support clean diesel activities through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act). This Recovery Act funding for clean diesel activities will be offered this year in addition to EPA FY 2009 National Diesel Emissions Reduction Program appropriations. A separate competitive announcement for the FY 2009 National Diesel Emissions Reduction Program Appropriation funds will be issued later in 2009.


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