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Undergraduate Research Panel

Undergraduate Research Panel

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Undergraduate Research Programs

Participation in these programs provides a framework for your undergraduate research experience. Interested undergraduate students may also directly contact faculty members with whom they would like to work with. See Get Started to get started!

Please click the links below to find out more about each program and their requirements:





Fall 2019 UGRAP and UROP Undergraduate Research Programs are now open!


Fall 2019: UGRAP & UROP

  • Deadline: July 12th, 2019
  • Dates of Hire: August 21 – December 4, 2019
  • Both programs are competitive with limited seats in each. 

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Who can serve as a faculty mentor?

  • For LSAMP, UGRAP, & UROP: Any UTA full-time faculty member are eligible. 

  • All undergraduate research students must be supervised by an eligible faculty mentor.  Graduate students or post-docs may serve in a supervisory role, but the faculty mentor must provide substantial direct mentoring to the undergraduate student.

How do I find a faculty mentor? How should I contact potential faculty mentors?

Refer to OUR’s Get Started guide.

Do I need to have a faculty mentor in mind when applying for LSAMP/UGRAP/UROP?

No. OUR can match you with a faculty mentor. However, students who have taken initiative to find and establish a relationship with a proposed faculty mentor prior to applying will receive additional consideration.

What are faculty mentor expectations?

  • Ability to demonstrate genuine interest and curiosity
  • Demonstrate self-motivation and show initiative
  • Responsibility
  • Commitment for a particular length of time and/or number of hours/week
  • Some professors may ask you to complete a prerequisite and/or attend training sessions 

Are there additional requirements for the LSAMP, UGRAP, and UROP?

Yes. Co-curricular activities are required alongside the research component. Typical co-curricular activities include: monthly meetings with Assistant Director of OUR or peer group update meetings; weekly logs; event attendance; publicly presenting research, and; a reflection paper. Additional requirements are communicated with your faculty mentor and should count towards your employment time (i.e. timesheet). 

Does UROP count as a financial aid award?

No. UROP is paid through the university payroll system but do not count as financial aid.  Please consult with a financial aid counselor or financial advisor on how to report UROP income for future FAFSA or financial aid applications. 

How are OUR programs paid for students?

  • LSAMP: Each student will be awarded a $4,000 summer stipend. Funds to travel to one of the five doctoral-granting institutions in the University of Texas System (up to $500) and on-campus housing for a visit of approximately 10 weeks (if you participate in a university exchange and attend a campus that is not your home campus). In addition, your mentor at the host institution will receive monetary support (up to $1,000) for supplies.

  • UGRAP: Eligibility for UGRAP is based on demonstrated financial need and is calculated by the UTA Financial Aid Office. You must have already been awarded federal work study to apply and accept these positions.

    • $9.00/hr
    • Maximum 19/hrs per week
  • UROP:  Funding is issued directly to students in three disbursement during the semester of appointment, minus taxes. Student funding is paid in the form of a stipend through the university's payroll system, so students will need to be enrolled in the system before payment can be issued. The HR onboarding process occurs after an offer has been extended and the student accepts.

    • Fall/Spring: $1,500/semester
    • Summer: $3,000/long summer session

Can I sign up for more than one OUR program?

No. Students may apply for more than one OUR program, but can only accept one offer per term, which means consecutive funding is acceptable and concurrent funding is not allowed. Students may apply and reapply by submitting an application for different semesters/terms but should ensure proposal timelines are appropriate for the semester/term. 

Will my application be reviewed if it is only partially completed?

No. Only completed applications will be reviewed.  Please make arrangements to get all of the sections of the application submitted on time.

Examples of undergraduate research activities:

  • Administer surveys or interview participants
  • Compile, enter, and analyze data 
  • Conduct experiments
  • Find preliminary documents
  • Laboratory upkeep
  • Transcribe interviews

I won’t be able to finish my LSAMP/UGRAP/UROP project by the completion date. What should I do?

Contact OUR and your faculty mentor as early as possible if you don't think you will meet the completion date, which is typically the end of the long semester.

Does OUR offer travel grants to present at a conference?

No, not at this time. Students should apply for professional/academic conference travel grants from their departments.

Can I get funding to teach, perform, implement, or complete a service project off campus or abroad?

No. OUR funds are for faculty-mentored academic research, scholarly or creative projects only that are defined as undergraduate research.

What should I do if my project involves human and/or animal subjects?

Refer to guidelines of UTAs Regulatory Services.