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- Note: There are many constructions going on at Arlington for the new Cowboy Stadium, Arlington downtown and UTA new Engineering building.

- If you already know how to get to UTA, scroll down to see how to park around UTA. 

There are many ways out of DAL.

§  The black line shows a straightforward way: Get on 35E south bound and stay on until you see a junction to I-30. The exit from I35E to I-30 West Bound is on the far left lane and the lane changing distance is short where all freeways merge. So get to the left lane as soon as you see the I-30 exit sign.

§  My personal preference is to take local roads from DAL to Cedar Spring, turn right to Inwood South bound. Inwood will turn into Hampton after pass the river. Hampton then connect to I-30 West Bound.




On I-30, West Bound


Choice #1:  (Choice #2 is exit at Cooper St., You can skip the following and go to “On Cooper South”).

Exit at Collins (157), go to South on 157. The exit is a big loop. Keep at the right lane when you exit. 




Turn to West onto Abram St. (After the railroad, stay at the right lane. The right turn is the right lane only. )




Turn South on Cooper. Before you see Cooper, there is a McDonald at the north side of the Abram. You need to go to the left lane to turn.






On Cooper South, Turn East (left) to the UTA Blvd. (In some old maps, it is called the old name “Bolder St.”). Parking lot is on the north side of the UTA Blvd. With a visitor parking tag, you can park at the visitor or student slots. But not the faculty/staff slot. The red star is the Nedderman Hall.





When you are on UTA Blvd, you will see these landmarks. This is the entrance of metered parking lot. The tall building is Nedderman Hall. The meter parking does not require a parking tag.  Note the apartment building at the left side of the photo is gone now and become a construction site.





If you look at the left side (north), you will see another entrance for parking. This is student parking but visitors with parking tag can park here. The apartment on the right side is gone now and become a construction site. Note the following entrance is now closed. The entrance is now on Abram.




The entrance on Abram: Heading East





The entrance on Abram: Heading West. Turn left before McDonald.




From Abram entrance, you will be entering the blue parking area shown below. There are lots for visitor near UTA Blvd. You need to walk across UTA Blvd to get to the Nedderman Hall.


Electrical Engineering is at the Nedderman Hall. Note that there are not metered parking around Nedderman Hall anymore. The Yates Street has been blocked due to construction. You need to walk across the street at the traffic light on Cooper.



On Yates Street, Nedderman Hall is the 6 floor building on the west side.





NanoFab is on the opposite side of Cooper. There is a walking bridge connecting Nedderman Hall and the Nanofab Center. There are visitor parking spaces in the Nanofab parking lot. You will need a parking tag.



On Cooper south bound, Nanofab parking entrance is on the right side after passing UTA Blvd.




PARKING permit


Visitor to park on Campus needs a visitor tag from the Parking Office.


Visitor to Dr. Chiao’s group, please send an email to Dr. Chiao so we can request a tag for you before you come.  Or you can email Ms. Terri Earle ( We do not handle parking permits except for Dr. Chiao’s visitors. Please do not send request to us for general parking request. The information here is for Dr. Chiao’s visitors only. All regulations should follow the rules by the UTA Parking Office.















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