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Checklist for Assistance - Sexual Assault

This checklist only serves as a guide for addressing important issues, including support resources, related to the assault with the student. Discuss only as many steps as you feel the student can handle at that time. Regardless of what information you were able to discuss, please make sure that the student receives a survivor information packet before they leave. Additional information packets can be found at the UT Arlington Police Department (817-272-3003) and the RVSP Program office (817-272-9250).

1. _____ ENSURE SAFETY. In an Emergency, call UT Arlington Police at 817-272-3003 or 911 if the assault occurred off campus.


3. _____ CONTACT THE RVSP program at 817-272-9250 (with permission only).


If the assault occurred less than 72* hours ago:

  • With the student’s consent, refer them to Arlington Memorial Hospital (817-548-6100) for an evidentiary exam (rape kit).
  • Instruct them not to wash, bathe, douche, eat, drink, smoke, urinate (if possible) or change clothes if the student intends to complete a rape kit exam; bring a change of clothes to the hospital as clothes will likely be taken into evidence. Extra clothing is available at UT Arlington Police Department.
  • Inform them that having a rape kit exam preserves the option to prosecute by collecting evidence, but that having the exam does NOT commit an individual to press charges or lead to an investigation.
  • Inform them of the importance of medical care to screen/treat for injuries, STD’s and pregnancy, initially, and two (2) weeks after the assault. The follow-up exam can be performed at Health Services (817-272-2771).
  • If the student goes to Arlington Memorial Hospital and is seeking immediate medical care, the RVSP Coordinator (817-272-9250) or a Victim Advocate from Women’s Center Rape Crisis (817-972-2737) can accompany them. If the student needs transportation to the hospital for immediate medical care, the UT Arlington Police (817-272-3003) can provide transportation.

If the assault occurred more than 72* hours ago (or if student doesn’t want to go to the hospital):

  • With the student’s consent, refer them to the Health Services (817-272-2771). They can be utilized as an alternative for medical exam/treatment, but note that a rape kit exam is NOT available at Health Services.
  • Inform them of the importance of medical care to screen/treat for injuries, sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) and pregnancy, initially, and two (2) weeks after the assault.

* The police will authorize and pay for a rape kit exam up to 96 hours after the sexual assault occurred. A significant amount of evidence is “lost” after 72 hours although it is always important to encourage a student to have a rape kit exam, even if 72 hours have elapsed. Also, many of the preventive medications work best when given within 72 hours of the incident. Please use your best judgment depending on the circumstances surrounding the assault.

5. _____ ADVOCACY and COUNSELING. Offer the student referrals to:

  • UT Arlington Counseling Services at 817-272-3671 and Mental Health Services at 817-272-2771 (information, confidential consultation and/or counseling).
  • RVSP Program at 817-272-9250 (advocacy/referrals).
  • Tarrant County Rape Crisis and Victim Services at 817-927-4000 (information, counseling, referrals).
  • RAINN: The National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (available 24 hours for information, counseling, referral services).

6. _____ REPORTING. Offer referral for reporting resources:

  • Anonymous reporting on RVSP website.
  • Official Reporting via UT Arlington Police at 817-272-3003 or Arlington Police at 817-459-5600.
  • Office of Student Conduct for reporting within the University at 817-272-2354.

7. _____ ACCOMMODATIONS. Offer referral as needed to:

  • Apartment and Residence Life (“alternative housing” accommodations) at 817-272-2926.


  • Inform the student that a Sexual Assault Incident Report Form will be filed with the RVSP Coordinator. Advise the student that her/his name and other identifying information will not be released without her/his permission (unless the student or university community is in imminent danger in which case 911 should be called whether the student consents or not).
Emergency: Call 911UT Arlington Police