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Checklist for Assistance - Stalking

This checklist only serves as a guide for addressing important issues, including support resources, related to the incident. Discuss only as many steps as you feel the student can handle at that time. Regardless of what information you were able to discuss, please make sure that the student receives additional support and resources through the RVSP Program office (817-272-9250).

1. _____ ENSURE SAFETY. In an Emergency, call UT Arlington Police at 817-272-3003 or 911.


3. _____ DON'T COMMUNICATE with the stalker or respond to attempts to contact the student.

4. _____ SAVE DOCUMENTATION of stalking, which may come in the form of photos of destroyed property, letters, emails, texts, and a written log of crimes and activities.

5. _____ CONTACT POLICE (with the student’s permission) and have the student make a formal report at 817-272-3381.

6. _____ ENCOURAGE THE STUDENT to develop a safety plan.

  • Have knowledge of and access to important telephone numbers.
  • Alert friends, family and coworkers.
  • Utilize Maverick Escort Ride (free service) Sunday through Thursday, 7:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m. Contact UTA Police Dispatch for further details at 817-272 -3381.

7. _____ SEEK ADDITIONAL SUPPORT AND INFORMATION by contacting the RVSP Coordinator at 817-272-9250 or The National Center for Victims of Crime at 1-800-211-7996 or

Emergency: Call 911UT Arlington Police