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UTA Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Response Plan

UTA Campus Sexual and Relationship Violence Policy

The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) is committed to creating and maintaining an educational environment in which all persons who participate in University programs and activities can work together in an atmosphere free of sexual and relationship violence. Sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking offenses, regardless of the motive or the manner in which they are executed, are criminal behaviors and produce an environment that opposes the objectives, goals, and mission of this University.

The University of Texas at Arlington prohibits and will not tolerate any act of sexual or relationship violence including rape or attempted rape, acquaintance/date rape, or any other forms of non-consensual sexual activity, harassment, assault, abuse, exploitation, intimidation or threats of future violence to oneself, one's family or friends, or one's property on this campus. For purposes of this Policy, "campus" includes any property that UTA owns or leases, any off campus site or facility that is maintained by the University, or on grounds or facilities maintained by a student organization or any other area that the University has permission to occupy for the purposes of conducting a University sponsored program.

Every member of the University community, whether they are a student, faculty, staff, administrator, visitor, invitee of the University of Texas at Arlington or participant in a UTA sponsored program should be aware that the University does not tolerate sexual or relationship violence. Sexual Violence/Assault is also prohibited by Federal law, by State Law as listed in the Texas Penal Code Section §22.011. (Sexual assault) and §22.021 (Aggravated sexual assault), as is Relationship Violence (Texas Family Code (Section 71.0021) and Stalking (Sec. 42.072.) as well as by the UTA Student Conduct Code found in the UTA Handbook of Operating Procedures.

It is the intention of the University to take prompt action and swiftly investigate all alleged acts of sexual violence. Those who violate these sexual assault policies and protocols are subject to all applicable punishments, including student and employee disciplinary procedures and/or all related criminal procedures. This University shall maintain the identity of any alleged victim or witness of a sexual assault on University property in confidence unless the victim/survivor has waived their right to confidentiality.

RVSP Advocacy Program

UTArlington has a full-time Relationship Violence & Sexual Assault Prevention (RSVP) Program Coordinator to support victims of sexual assault and relationship violence. Someone will be available to assist students and can be reached by calling the RVSP program on campus at (817-272-9250). You can also access services by calling the UTA Police at 817-272-3003, Rape Crisis and Victim Services at 817-927-2737 or Safe Haven of Tarrant County at 877-701-7233. If the student does not feel comfortable reporting the sexual assault, relationship violence incident or stalking incident to the police, please provide an alternative option to reporting the assault/abuse, to Apartment and Residence Life at 817-272-2926, to Student Health Services at 817-272-2771, to Counseling Services at 817-272-3671, or to Mental Health Services at 817-272-2771. Students can request to have RVSP Coordinator or a victim advocate from Tarrant County Rape Crisis paged and they can accompany them during any part of this process that they request. Please remember that confidentiality is always respected. Students may also file an on-line anonymous report form if they were the victim of a sexual assault or have knowledge that a sexual assault occurred (anonymous report form).

Completion of Anonymous Report Form

This form is to be completed by any UT Arlington Faculty/Staff or other University Representative who witnessed or has knowledge of a sexual assault or relationship violence incident that took place within the UT Arlington campus community.

The purpose of this form is to allow members of the UT Arlington Community to anonymously report incidents of sexual assault and relationship violence. This report form is used to convey information that is needed to track the university’s response to the incident being reported, as well as, to assess the danger that the incident may represent to the community at large. This form also assists in understanding the campus climate and planning a response to sexual assault and relationship violence. All efforts must be made to maintain the victim’s anonymity; no information should be included which might identify the victim, unless the victim asks you to do so. Only fill out the information that the victim presents to you. DO NOT press the victim for information that is sensitive or embarrassing. Please submit this form to the RVSP Program as soon as possible, preferably within 24 hours of the disclosure, so that timely coordination of services is assured. For any questions, please contact the RVSP Program at 817-272-9250 or

Please Note: Completing this form does NOT constitute a police report nor a student conduct report. You will not be contacted by the Relationship Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention (RVSP) Program unless you indicate a desire to be contacted.

How Can RVSP Assist You

Discussing options available to sexual assault/relationship violence survivors
Following a traumatic event such as a sexual assault or relationship violence assault, individuals are often confused about their options regarding care, reporting assaults to the police and university, medical care, housing issues, and many other concerns a victim may have. The Relationship Violence & Sexual Assault Prevention (RVSP) Program Coordinator at UTA will provide confidential one-on-one meetings, present all available options and assist the student in making decisions that they feel are in their best interest.

Assist in reporting the crime
Whether the report is made to the police, the University through Office of Student Conduct, or filed as an anonymous report, the Relationship Violence & Sexual Assault Prevention (RVSP) Program can assist and/or accompany the student in that process.

Be courteous and respectful regarding the victim's decisions
The RVSP Program will allow the victim to decide the course of action she/he would like to take as this process is empowering to the survivor. The RVSP Program Coordinator will retain a supportive role no matter what the decision made is.

Assistance obtaining counseling or mental health services
Seeking counseling and/or mental health services following a sexual assault is an essential part of the healing process. The RVSP Program Coordinator can accompany the student to the first session if they would like.

Assistance with academic concerns
Academic intervention may be necessary following a sexual assault. The RVSP Program Coordinator may be able to facilitate that process if deemed necessary.

Assistance seeking medical care
Regardless of how long ago the assault occurred, the RVSP Program Coordinator can assist the student in seeking medical care. Even if the student does not wish to file a police report, health care and treatment are still available and necessary. The RVSP Program) Coordinator can accompany the student to the hospital for medical tests and evidence collections as well as any additional appointments if needed.

Assistance in education and outreach efforts
The RVSP Program Coordinator, as well as the Sexual Assault Response Network (SARN) will provide education and outreach efforts to the campus at large. This involves collaborations with campus groups, publishing brochures and establishing support materials for victims of sexual assault and their supporters, as well as education and prevention efforts to reduce the occurrence of sexual assaults on UTA.

Behavior Intervention Team

The Behavior Intervention Team provides a systematic response to students whose behavior is disruptive to themselves or the environment, or who may be in violation of UT Arlington Code of Conduct.

Behavior Intervention Team