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University Procedures

An option you have, when the assailant is a student, is to report the sexual or physical assault to the Office of Student Conduct.

If you choose, you can remain anonymous through the use of a pseudonym.

For additional questions and more information on procedures contact the Office of Student Conduct (817-272-2354).

Understanding Your Role in the Hearing

  • If you choose, you may use a pseudonym and your identity will be kept private.
  • The sexual or relationship violence victim may request that reasonable accommodations be made in hearing procedures, such as special seating arrangements in the hearing room.
  • Victims may invite an advisor or advocate they choose to accompany them through University disciplinary proceedings.
  • A victim will be notified of the outcome of related University discipline proceedings. The victim and the charged student must respect the privacy of all involved.
  • The sexual history of the victim is not considered relevant to the truth of the allegation; therefore, the victim has the right not to have his or her sexual history discussed during the hearing.
  • The victim has a right to make an "impact statement."

UT Arlington Campus Sexual and Relationship Violence Policy

The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) is committed to creating and maintaining an educational environment in which all persons who participate in University programs and activities can work together in an atmosphere free of sexual and relationship violence. Sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking offenses, regardless of the motive or the manner in which they are executed, are criminal behaviors and produce an environment that opposes the objectives, goals, and mission of this University.

The University of Texas at Arlington prohibits and will not tolerate any act of sexual or relationship violence including rape or attempted rape, acquaintance/date rape, or any other forms of non-consensual sexual activity, harassment, assault, abuse, exploitation, intimidation or threats of future violence to oneself, one's family or friends, or one's property on this campus. For purposes of this Policy, "campus" includes any property that UTA owns or leases, any off campus site or facility that is maintained by the University, or on grounds or facilities maintained by a student organization or any other area that the University has permission to occupy for the purposes of conducting a University sponsored program.

Every member of the University community, whether they are a student, faculty, staff, administrator, visitor, invitee of the University of Texas at Arlington or participant in a UTA sponsored program should be aware that the University does not tolerate sexual or relationship violence. Sexual violence/assault is also prohibited by federal law, by state law as listed in the Texas Penal Code Section §22.011. (Sexual assault) and §22.021 (Aggravated sexual assault), as is Relationship Violence (Texas Family Code (Section 71.0021) and Stalking (Sec. 42.072.) as well as by the UTA Student Conduct Code found in the UTA Handbook of Operating Procedures.

It is the intention of the University to take prompt action and swiftly investigate all alleged acts of sexual violence. Those who violate these sexual assault policies and protocols are subject to all applicable punishments, including student and employee disciplinary procedures and/or all related criminal procedures. This University shall maintain the identity of any alleged victim or witness of a sexual assault on University property in confidence unless the victim/survivor has waived their right to confidentiality.