The University of Texas at Arlington

Staff Advisory Council

District Representatives

Meet your Rep!

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Erin Townsend, Global Education Outreach

Christina Macias, Human Resources

Sandra Bell, Facilities Management

Sandy Bell

Joel Box, Environmental Health and Safety

Joel Box

Jonathan Carroll, Special Event Facilities

Jonathan Carroll

Rosalinda Gloria, Parking and Transportation

Rosalinda Gloria

Duane Grove, Facilities Management

Mark Harris, Police Department

Kendra Hartness, Health Services

Shahab Lawrence, Parking and Transportation

Shehab Lawrence

Jason Lillie, Parking and Transportation

Jason Lillie

Anthony Minter, Auxiliary Services

Anthony Minter

Toni Minter, Auxiliary Services

Toni Minter

Peggy Morales, Police Department

Bruce OKeefe, Environmental Health and Safety

Alyssa Petty, Health Services

Alyssa Petty

Dalila Sandoval, Facilities Management

Teddy Scurlock, Facilities Management

Teddy Scurlock

Sean Stewart, Police Department

Kevin Vandenberg, Police Department

Jimmie Walker, Auxiliary Services

Julia Nowik, Mail Services

Cynthia Walker, Procurement

Cindy Walker

Hillary Green, VP for Communications

Hillary Green

David Prestianni, VP for Development

Carla Monk, OIT

Carla Monk

Kim Bennet, Precollege Programs

Kim Bennett

Denise Cobbs, Faculty Affairs

Denise Cobbs

Rachel Jenckins, Recruiting

Rachel Jenkins

Elizabeth Snapp, Admissions, Records and Registration

Doria Wormbly, Recruiting

Holly Zander, Learning Innovation Tech Lab

Holly Zander

Marie Reddick, Campus Recreation

Marie Reddick

Elvira Smith, Students with Disabilities

Elvira Smith

Kelsey Childress, Architecture

Kelsey CHildress

Tahanee Mannings, College of Education

Jennifer Hill, Information Systems and Operations Management

Cynthia Bradfield, Bioengineering

J. Carter, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Nova Coates, Computer Science and Engineering

Nova Coates

Carole Coleman, Engineering

David Davis, Engineering

Dave Davis

Ashley Priest, Biology

Margaret Jackymack, English

Margie Jackymack

Trish Mann, Philosophy

Trish Mann

Emmanuel Garcia, University Advising Center

Tammy Williams, University College

Tammy WIlliams

Elizabeth Webb, Nursing

Stephanie Williams-Neal, Nursing

Carol Yao, Nursing

Carol Yao

Trinka Christensen, Social Work

Health Scalf, Library