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The 2014 SAC SlimDown is here

Achieve it! That is what the Staff Advisory Council (SAC) wants you to do. SAC is encouraging all UT Arlington staff to live a healthier lifestyle by participating in its annual SAC SlimDown campaign. SAC has partnered with the University Wellness Committee this year and has generated a fun,active,"revamped" approach to losing weight. This includes new Wellness Points and free temporary passes to the Mac for participants only. Sessions will cover topics like;weight management, eating patterns, exercises, and other health informative areas. Wellness Points earned "convert" to pounds lost; however, the maximum points that can be achieved during the campaign are ten (one per week). Weekly notices and campaign information can be obtained on the SlimDown Sharepoint site:

Resources on this site are to help motivate and guide participants to a succesful and healthier lifestyle.

Challenge yourself to live a better lifestyle and get your coworkers involved.  Here is how the SAC SlimDown works:

1 - Register your team by clicking here. Each team needs 6-8 members, and teams are asked to designate a team captain.  Each participant must sign the participation waiver, which is available here.  IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A TEAM - YOU CAN STILL PARTICPATE!  Email Athena Seaton at

2 - Initial weigh-ins need to be done May12th -May 14th,  Weigh-in stations are located at the MAC and Health Center.

3 - Take your group's before picture and submit to Athena Seaton at by no later than May 19th.

**Prizes for creative team names and pictures!**

4 - SAC will send weekly notices of programs and resources available to you - to help you better your lifestyle. 

5 - Closing weigh-outs need to be done August 6th-8th. ( at the MAC or Health Center)

6 - Take team after picture and submit to Athena Seaton at after August 8th.

7 - Celebrate your achievements!!!!! -- attend the SAC Slimdown reception August 15th at 5 p.m. at the MAC.  At the reception, enjoy refreshments, prize ceremony and the 'goodies' for all participants.  Winners will be recognized in the following categories:

  • Team for greatest percentage of weight loss
  • Team for greatest number of pounds lost
  • Creativity (Before and After Pictures,Team Name)
  • Overall Fitness (Earning of Wellness Points, etc.)
  • Individual weight loss (percentage of pounds lost)

Together we can...........ACHIEVE IT! For further questions about the SAC Slimdown, email Athena Seaton at

Disclaimer: For award eligibility, you must participate in the weigh-ins. Also, since Faculty/Staff are no longer eligible to be treated at the Health Center, the Health Center will serve only as a weigh-in location. Participants cannot be seen for blood pressure, etc. Additionally, patients at the Health Center will be seen first which may result in a short wait to weigh-in if the staff is busy.