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The unlawful manufacture, sale, distribution, promotion, possession, or use of drugs and the abuse of alcohol are prohibited in and on UT Arlington property and as part of any activity. The enforcement of federal, state, and local laws pertaining to under-age drinking; possession, use, and sale of drugs; and any other criminal occurrences is handled by the UT Arlington Police Department in conjunction with the Office of Community Standards. The alcohol policy in its entirety may be found in the Handbook of Operating Procedures and the UT System’s Regents’ Rules and Regulations. They may also be found online by searching uta.edu/policy.

Education and Prevention

The Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, housed in UT Arlington Health Services, offers a program that assists employees and students in making appropriate decisions regarding the use of alcohol and other drugs. The program emphasizes education, programming, support, intervention, and short-term counseling. If an individual is identified as being chemically dependent, he or she will be referred to recovery resources in the Metroplex. Students in a state of recovery from drugs or alcohol addiction will be assisted through the Center for Students in Recovery. Resources offered include recovery coaching, programming, sober social activities, and mentorship. For more information about these services, contact the coordinator for substance abuse prevention at 817-272-2771.


The University prohibits the use of all tobacco products on campus property at all times. UT Arlington is committed to providing students, faculty, and staff who wish to stop using tobacco products with the resources they need. For more information on tobacco cessation programs, visit uta.edu/tobaccofree.


Call 817-272-3003 for medical emergencies on campus. The number is also on emergency decals displayed on campus telephones. Give the nature of the emergency, the location, and a phone number where you can be called back. Police and an ambulance will respond based on the initial call. Health Services cannot respond to medical emergencies outside of the Health Center. Police Department personnel are trained in CPR and other first aid procedures and will provide stabilization until the ambulance arrives.


Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is committed to helping students meet their full personal, academic, and career potential. Services are available to help students increase their understanding of personal issues, address mental and behavioral health problems, and make positive changes in their lives. Find more information online at the CAPS website.

CAPS—Counseling and Psychological Services

Services include individual, couples, and group counseling, assessment of ADHD and learning disorders, groups and workshops, consultations, and referrals. Fore more information, please contact 817-272-3671.

CAPS—Psychiatric Services

Services include diagnostic assessment and ongoing treatment of psychiatric conditions, including medication and brief psychotherapy as well as laboratory studies and referrals to other medical specialties. For more information, please contact 817-272-3003.


UT Arlington Health Services supports success by providing excellent health care and promoting wellness. In addition to providing routine and urgent care to the student community, Health Services offers low-cost prescription medications, laboratory tests, x-rays, women’s health services, immunizations, and health education and promotion. More information may be found at uta.edu/healthservices.

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