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Strategic Goals

The center's researchers strive to meet the following goals.

  • Explore and develop innovative materials as well as design methods and tools for resilient civil structures in challenging man-made and natural hazardous environments.
  • Develop new sensors and testing capabilities at the center to perform full scale to model testing of infrastructure in a simulated hazardous environment.
  • Investigate effects of extreme weather changes on infrastructure in problematic soil conditions.
  • Study sustainability issues including life cycle costs, energy reuse with geothermal foundations and societal benefits.
  • Disseminate findings at reputable major conferences and in high quality journal publications.

Research Advances

Several research advances were made in recent years that resulted in resilient and sustainable infrastructure, including the following:

  • new and durable composite materials;
  • sensors, equipment, and technologies that can provide better characterization of geo and construction materials;
  • design models that incorporate reliability and constitutive behaviors of materials;
  • innovative construction practices.
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