The Alamo at UT Arlington

UT Arlington in Second Life is delighted to have the opportunity to host "The Alamo" - a realistic 3D, online, immersive re-creation of the modern-day Alamo.

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The Alamo at UT Arlington provides an online museum-quality experience of theThe Alamo at UT Arlington in Second Life Alamo’s chapel, barrack, and surrounding grounds, featuring interactive displays throughout that provide the visitor with background information on the history, artifacts, documents, historical figures, and pop culture references to the Alamo story.

The Alamo at UT Arlington was created by Lora Chadbourne in Second Life. Her previous historical builds in Second Life include re-creations of the Mayflower, the 1621 Plymouth Settlement, and the Apollo 11 lunar landing site.

To celebrate, there will be a Grand Opening on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 from 4:30 to 6:30 pm CDT (2:30-4:30 PM SLT or find your time zone) at The Alamo site in Second Life. Join us to enjoy The Alamo with music, dancing, virtual refreshments, and a live vocal performance by Jean Munro (5-6pm CDT/3-4pm SLT).

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The Alamo in Second Life

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  • Sarah Jones
    Librarian, Digital Library Services
    Campus Lead for Second Life at UT Arlington
    University of Texas Arlington Library
    Second Life: Razitra Artizar


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