Join us for a Virtual Tour

"The SciLands in Second Life"

Thursday, March 4, 2010
4:00-5:00 pm
Central Library 315A
The University of Texas at Arlington

Eric Hackathorn from NOAA will host a tour of SciLands in Second Life.

The SciLands is a mini-continent and user community in the virtual world platform Second Life devoted exclusively to science and technology (including medicine). There are over 20 science and technology related organizations in the SciLands, including government agencies, universities and museums. 

Join us in Central Library 315A and watch while the UTA Second Life initiative lead, Razitra Artizar (aka Sarah Jones) takes the SciLands tour.

Or, bring your laptop to Central Library 315A and log in to take the tour yourself.

Or, log in directly to the Meteora island to take the tour.

The SciLands Flickr Group Pool - for some background info and preview pics

The SciLands Virtual Continent

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