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Customizing your Avatar Look - Part III


Clothing Layers:

Clothing uses "layers" on the avatar to form various clothing pieces. The layer names are representative of which appears on top of other layers. For example, the jacket layer will cover the shirt layer and the undershirt layer. The shirt layer will cover the undershirt layer. In your inventory, the icon next to a piece of clothing will indicate which layer it uses.

Clothing designers frequently use prim objects as part of their designs to make more realistic looking clothing items. Commonly found are prim attachments for the following:

These items will have the object icon by them in Inventory - object icon

A designer's outfit is usually found in its own folder. To wear the entire outfit, right-click on the folder in your inventory that contains the items and choose "Add to Current Outfit" from the menu.

You can also wear individual items by right-clicking on an item in your inventory window and choosing "wear".

When you wear an item, it replaces whatever is currently being worn. That is, a piece of clothing on the shirt layer will replace whatever shirt-layer item you are wearing. As a result, it's not necessary to remove an item before you wear another. This allows you to change clothes without becoming naked.

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