Instructions for the Firestorm viewer

We recommend the FIRESTORM viewer as an alternative to the Official Second Life viewer from Linden Lab.

Why? According to Linden Lab statistics, Firestorm is the most-used and most-stable Second Life viewer -- even more than the Linden Lab viewer.

Sign up for your Second Life account first. You can choose to download and install the Second Life software as part of that process if you like.

After you have your Second Life account and avatar name, you can choose to download and install the Firestorm viewer software, to use instead of the official Second Life viewer from Linden Lab.

Firestorm is very much like the official viewer from Linden Lab, but it has more features and many people think it's easier to use. Importantly, some people report better computer performance when using Firestorm.

Here's what to do to use Firestorm:

  1. At the Firestorm download page, click the link for the FIRESTORM version you want to use (you will probably choose either Windows or Mac).

  2. Save the file to your computer, for example to your Desktop or to another place that is easy for you to find.

  3. When the download is finished, double-click on the icon to start the installation.

  4. Proceed through the installation, following the prompts you see on the screen.

  5. When the installation has finished, double-click the Firestorm icon on your desktop.
    1. Enter your Second Life username (avatar name) and password at the bottom left of the Firestorm screen
    2. For the default preferences, choose "Firestorm" from the dropdown list
    3. Click Login
      1. If you have never logged into Second Life before, you will arrive at Welcome Island to do some initial training in the basics of Second Life.
      2. If you have logged into Second Life before, you will arrive at the location where you previously had logged out.

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