Troubleshooting: Graphics

Is everything colored pink? Here's how to fix that.

Does everything look gray or black or some other odd color? Are you seeing odd triangles that cover up some of the scene? Does everything look fuzzy? Does it look like there is nothing in the distance?

These are signs that your computer is having trouble with Second Life graphics.

Things to try to make it better:

At low graphics, the scene will not look as "sharp" as it might at higher graphics. You can try using the "Mid" graphics setting and see if that helps with a sharper looking scene while still avoiding the graphics problems mentioned above.

Also, if you are using a wireless internet connection, particularly in a public place, this can affect graphics quality since a wireless connection is usually slower than a wired one. Try to use a wired connection, with your computer plugged in with an ethernet cable, if possible.

If it seems that there is nothing in the distance, that is because your graphics settings have a low "draw distance". You can increase draw distance while keeping a low graphics setting.

If NONE of this works, then I recommend using a different viewer software. There are official third party viewers that are safe to use and which have features other than the one that Linden Lab offers. The most recommended are the Phoenix and the Firestorm viewers.

For additional help, contact Sarah Jones:

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