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Meeting People

There is much seredipity in Second Life, and the people you encounter by chance can turn out to be your future collaborators, friends, business partners, or co-inspirationalists.

Remember that behind each avatar is a real person, sitting at a computer, with all of the expectations, socialization, and personal history that we we all have.

In general, RL ("Real Life") rules for interaction and politeness apply in Second Life. If a question or encounter would be embarrassing in real life, then it probably is in Second Life as well.

In traveling around, you may find a lot of places without many, or even any, people. Remember that there is a LOT of land in Second Life. At any given time, there are 65,000-75,000 people logged in.

That said, apart from happening to run into someone, there are some ways to meet people.


Making Friends

After you've met someone you can add them as a friend. This lists them in your Friends list. It's usually advisable to have at least conversed with a person before you add them. It helps to have looked at the person's profile first also.

To add someone as a friend:

There's only one list of "friends" and "friend" is the only category of contact, so it's common to add people as friends for a range of reasons, from actual friendship as we'd think of it outside SL to casual acquaintances to business contacts.

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