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About You: Your Avatar, Your Profile, Your Preferences

Your Avatar

This is you! That is, it's the digital representation of yourself in Second Life. Virtually everything about your avatar, except for your name, can be changed at any time, as often as you like, and those changes appear instantly. This allows you to present yourself to the Second Life world in any fashion that you like. It also allows you to experiment with different presentations of yourself.

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If you find you don't like the name you chose for your avatar, all is not lost. While you can't change your name, you CAN make a new Second Life account and choose a name that you like better.

It is not uncommon for people to have more than one Second Life account (that is, more than one avatar). Some people just want to start over. Others have other accounts for a variety of reasons: 1) to separate business and personal activities and identities, 2) to experiment with different identities, 3) to relive the "joining" experience, 4) for other pragmatic reasons, such as testing products they've created or as a place to store backup copies of items.

When people have more than one avatar, the one they use most and which represents their primary identity is called their "main" avatar. The others they have are called their "alts" (alternate avatars).

Your Profile

This is a place where you can tell the Second Life world more about yourself. To see and edit yours:

People will look at your profile! It's very common to look at the profiles of people you encounter. To look at someone else's profile, right-click on their avatar and choose "Profile", or if you know their avatar name, you can use Search to find their profile.


Your Preferences

You can also customize your Second Life viewer. To do this, from the top menu bar, choose Me and then Preferences.

Some useful Preference settings:

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