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Information Security Office


Data Encryption

Encryption is the conversion of data into a form that cannot be easily deciphered by unauthorized persons. Encryption is often used as a secure way to store files or transfer content over the Internet. You are required to use encryption if you absolutely must store sensitive data on a laptop or any kind of removable storage. Encryption is also necessary if you plan to transfer sensitive information electronically over the Internet. Also, look for "https" in the address bar of your web browser, this indicates that information will be passed over the Internet securely.

Without the use of encryption files may be intercepted and accessed by unauthorized persons resulting in a data compromise, a breach of privacy and disclosure of sensitive information. Especially at a University, FERPA, HIPAA, GLBA and other laws may be broken whenever there is an unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information. It is expected that all sensitive information at UT Arlington be protected. Encryption is required for any files containing sensitive information that are not stored on UT Arlington servers or being transferred via the Internet. For more information visit the UT System Encryption Practices Bulletin and FAQS.

Do not forget your password (key) once you have implemented encryption. If the password is lost there is no reasonable expectation that you will be able to access that information ever again! Be sure to Protect Your Password.

If you are faculty or staff needing help implementing data encryption on your computer for files containing sensitive information, contact the OIT Help Desk.