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Information Security Office


Policy & Procedure

All UT Arlington faculty, staff and students are expected to abide by:

UT Arlington computing policy, standards, guidelines, processes and procedures

Computing Policy is designed to help protect UT Arlington from disclosing sensitive student or staff information; protect against engaging in unsafe computing practice that may result in a compromise or failure of services; and prevent persons employed by or attending UT Arlington from breaking any state or federal computing laws. Computing policy is not meant to deter research oriented projects, work related tasks or communications or detract from the educational goals of UT Arlington. However, policy does take precedence because of its importance in guiding behavior and initiatives in a way that is acceptable with the laws of our community.

It is important to understand that computing policy is dictated by a growing need to resolve problems that have arisen within the educational community or are put in place to prevent perceived problems that will arise without planned intervention. The implementation of policy is dictated by a panel of professionals who are acutely familiar with the field which the policy applies to and what needs are to be met. UT System legal department is also often involved in determining at what level, any policy put in place, will effect UT Arlington and its goals.

As an employee of UT Arlington it is your responsibility to become familiar with UT Arlington policy and procedures especially any that are specific to your job duties. Ignorance of policy does not excuse any behaviors or actions that are outside the scope of these established standards. Please contact the UT Arlington Compliance Office if you have any policy questions 817.272.2080

Other applicable policy and laws: