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Information Security Office


Social Security Numbers & UTS 165

NOTICE: BPM-66 is now UTS-165

BPM-66, which was limited solely to SSN, has been replaced by UTS-165, which now includes policy related to all sensitive data.

Effective April 12, 2007, the responsibilities of all UT-System SSN Coordinators were transferred to the Information Security Officers.

For all sensitive data-related matters (including SSN) contact ext. 2-5487 or

These changes, and others to come, will be made to the appropriate Web Site in the very near future.

Welcome to the Social Security Number Confidentiality Web site. In response to growing concerns regarding privacy issues, identity theft, and inappropriate use or disclosure of Social Security numbers (SSNs), the University of Texas System has issued a System wide policy for the use of Social Security numbers that will enhance the privacy of the faculty, staff, students and other constituents of The University of Texas at Arlington by modifying business procedures and electronic systems to:

  • Reduce the use and collection of Social Security numbers
  • Inform individuals when the university collects Social Security numbers
  • Reduce the public display of Social Security numbers
  • Control access to Social Security numbers
  • Protect Social Security numbers with security safeguards
  • Establish accountability for protecting the confidentiality of Social Security numbers

Two important dates to keep in mind:

1. September 2006: With the implementation of our new student information system (MyMav), the University will eliminate use of the SSN as a key index in all systems currently in the scope of the project.

2. September 2007: The use of social security number as an individual's primary identification number shall be discontinued, unless applicable law requires such use. The social security number may continue to be stored as a confidential attribute associated with an individual.

The SSN discontinuation deadline of September 1, 2007 has passed.