UTA Fall 1999 Grade Distributions

The following pages report the distribution of grades in classes offered at the University of Texas at Arlington during the Fall 1999 semester. For each class offered, the report reveals the total number of students taking the course as well as the final letter grades reported by the instructor.

In using these data, students are advised that there is no guarantee that grade distributions in subsequent semesters will be similar to those contained in this report. Students are also reminded that there are many factors which influence student performance and the distributions of grades in a given course. Please consider the following as you evaluate the data:

* The level of the course (1000, 2000, Honors, etc. ).

* Whether the course is a required or elective course.

* The time of the day and the day of the week the course is offered.

* The length of the session in which the course is offered. For example, classes taught during the Wintersession are offered in a much more intensive format than those in a regular semester while having roughly the same workload.

* The various reasons for withdrawals. Students may withdraw from a course for personal or academic reasons.

* The content of special topics courses may vary from semester to semester. An instructor offering a Atopics@ course may teach different topics each semester using the same course number.

* Cross-listed courses are assigned different department and/or course numbers. In order to determine the true grade distribution for these courses, the distribution for each listing of the course must be added together.


For assistance in interpreting these data, please consult with your academic advisor. Additional information about courses, including a course syllabus, may be obtained by contacting the department in which the course is offered.