Privacy Policy

Adopted February 2, 2000


Whereas, privacy issues are increasingly complex in today’s information society; and

Whereas, the University is governed by UT System policies and state, and federal laws; and

Whereas, faculty and staff members should be made aware of existing privacy policies and whether the University, or its agents, are monitoring, reviewing, or seizing faculty information sources; therefore

Be It Resolved That

Section 1. Faculty and staff should be informed of the nature and full of extent of their privacy by means of placing the following statement in the Standards of Conduct Guide and an annual memo.

"Faculty and staff may presume that the following things are private: (1) incoming US posted mail marked ‘personal’ or ‘confidential;’ (2) outgoing US posted mail; and (3) personal vehicles, subject to existing state and federal laws. CAUTION: All other sources of information (e.g., fax, campus mail, email, voice mail, phone records, computer files, etc.) should not be considered private means of communication."

Section 2. Authorization and Notification

A. The University President shall have the sole authority to authorize the review, monitoring, or seizing of faculty and staff materials and/or activities. Any decision to review, monitor, or seize faculty information sources shall be communicated to the University’s Chief Compliance Officer.

B. The University’s Chief Compliance Office shall notify, in writing and within a reasonable period of time, the faculty and staff of any official decision to review, monitor, or seize faculty information sources.

C. The Faculty Senate shall review this policy annual to insure compliance with existing state and federal laws and the need to protect privacy.

D. Any person who purposively obtains unauthorized access to information sources shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action and shall not share any obtained information with others.