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Faculty Senate Travel Funding

The Faculty Senate administers travel funding for tenure-stream faculty. These funds are available to full-time tenure-track/tenured faculty only. Up to $750/faculty member, one award per academic year (viz., Sept 1 - Aug 31) based on the first day of travel), may be awarded. All travel requests must be approved prior to travel. Funding will not be awarded retroactively.  Funds will be allocated at the discretion of the Senate’s Executive Committee (hereafter “Committee”) based on review on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Senate travel awards are meant as a resource of “last resort” where other travel funds are unavailable from such sources as annual travel allotments or other department/college-based funds, start-up account funds, and allowable grant resources. Senate travel funds are not available until such sources are expended.

Deadlines and Timelines 
The Committee will review applications received by the last working business day of every month. A request must be submitted at least 45 days before the first expected day of travel. The Committee will notify applicants of whether or not they receive funding within ten business days after the monthly submission deadline.

Applying and Required Information
Departmental Admins/Travel Representatives may apply on behalf of the faculty member, much as in the same manner as applying for funding from the Office of the Vice President of Research. Requests should be emailed to facultysenatetravel@uta.edu no later than the listed deadline. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Requests should include the following information:

Processing Reimbursements and Awards
Receipts and other costs will be processed by the awardee’s departmental travel admin. Instructions for obtaining awarded funds are included in the award notification letter. If anything in this document appears to conflict with the Handbook of Operating Procedures or the travel procedures outlined by the Office of Business Affairs and Controller here, those documents take precedence. Questions may be addressed to the Chair of the Faculty Senate, David Coursey, at david.coursey@uta.edu.

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