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An Overview of the SFS Process for Students

Fall 2014
(standard 15-week courses)

On Wednesday, November 19, for each lecture, seminar, practicum, or lab course in which you are enrolled (provided that at least four other students are also enrolled), you will be issued an e-mail message inviting you to complete an online Student Feedback Survey.

For each course in which you are enrolled, an invitation will be sent to your official UT Arlington e-mail address (e.g., 

  • Subject: “UTA Values Your Input! End-of Term Survey for Professor XXXXXXX's course now open!"
  • Sender: "UT Arlington Student Feedback Survey (SFS) []

Each invitation will direct you to the SFS link for the course survey, a password to access the survey, and a deadline by which the survey must be completed.

If you do not respond to the initial invitation after one week, you will receive a reminder. Access to the survey will end at 11 PM on the last official day of the semester, Wednesday, December 4th. No surveys will be re-issued after December 4th.

For courses taught on a non-standard schedule (e.g., five-week online courses), the survey period is one week long: invitations to participate in the SFS process are issued one week before the "end date" listed in MyMav and close at 11:00 PM on the evening before the official end date listed in MyMav.

Links to all SFS surveys can also be found on your Blackboard page;
go to

Courses in which the official enrollment is less than five students will not be issued a survey.

Procedural Questions and Answers

Below you will find some anticipated questions about how moving the Student Feedback Survey completely online. If your question is not addressed, please let me know; I will do my best to respond to your query and, as appropriate, will update this document.  -David Silva

Q:   My instructor handed out paper course evaluation forms in our class. Was this the same as the online survey?
A: No. Except for a few exceptions (private lessons in MUSI), all official university-surveys are conducted online. Any paper survey you may have received was a supplemental survey administered by the department, school, college, or instructor.

Q:   Is there a central website where I can access all of my Student Feedback Surveys at once?
A: Yes, your Blackboard page: (Even if your course isn't on Blackboard, links to your surveys will be there.)

Q:   So, if I am taking five courses this term, will I receive five separate e-mail messages?
A: Yes – provided that each of these courses is a lecture, seminar, practicum or lab course with at least five students enrolled. Each of these messages includes a unique password for each of the different course surveys to be completed.

Q:   What if I don't read my MavMail? Do I have another option?
A: Yes. You can visit your Blackboard page at

Q:   Is the instructor allowed to encourage us to complete the survey?
A: Yes, instructors have been asked to encourage participation in the online survey process.

Q:   Is the instructor allowed to require me to complete the SFS?
A: No. Your participation in the SFS process is voluntary.

Q:   I am taking a team-taught course. Will I fill out separate surveys for both/all instructors?
A: Yes, provided that the department's administrative contact provided the SFS Team with this information per established administrative deadlines.

Q:   If I miss the deadline for completing the survey, can a new survey be issued?
A: No. All surveys must be completed during the time frame specified in the invitation e-mail.

Q:   Will the instructor be able to connect my survey responses with my identity?
A: No. Once you click “submit,” your responses are anonymously combined with those provided by others in the course.

Q:   Will the survey results influence my grade in the course?
A: No. Instructors won't receive any survey data until after final grades have been certified by the University, thereby ensuring the integrity of the process.