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AG Heatpulse210 is a rapid thermal processor which uses high-intensity, visible radiation to heat single wafer for short periods at precisely controlled temperatures. These capabilities, combined with the heating chamber's cold-wall design, superior heating uniformity, provide significant advantages over conventional furnace processing and conventional RTP systems.


  • Manual Operation
  • Closed-loop temperature control with pyrometer or thermocouple temperature sensing.
  • Precise time-temperature profiles tailored to suit specific process requirements.
  • High-intensity visible radiation heats wafers for short periods. Fast heating and cooling rates unobtainable in conventional technologies.
  • Consistent wafer-to-wafer process cycle repeatability.
  • Elimination of external contamination.
  • Small footprint and energy efficiency.

AG Heatpulse 210 RTA RTP is a versatile tool, which is useful for many applications:

  • Ion Implant Activation
  • Polysilicon Annealing
  • Oxide Reflow
  • Silicide Formation
  • Contact Alloying
  • Oxidation and Nitridation