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JANDEL Four Point Probe RM3 Test Unit

The Multiposition Wafer Probe combined with the RM3000 Test Unit provides a high quality, easy to use system for measuring the sheet resistance and/or volume resistivity of wafers up to 200mm (8") in diameter.

The Multiposition Wafer Probe has the ability to probe 1, 5, 9, or somewhat more positions on multiple wafers with 1mm positioning repeatability from wafer to wafer. It is not motorized, but requires that the user moves the wafer stage by hand. It is available with either a 6" (150mm) wafer chuck or an 8" (200mm) wafer chuck. The price is the same for either unit, however, the MWP-6 would be preferable for use with wafers that are 6" in diameter or smaller due to the increased ease of centering the wafer on the wafer chuck. Annular rings (not vacuum rings) allow wafers to be centered more easily. To aid in centering smaller wafers, the 6" Multiposition Wafer Probe has circular patterns on the wafer chuck with diameters of 25mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, and 125mm. The 8" system has circles at 125mm and 150mm. The Multiposition Wafer Probe can be connected to a vacuum source for wafer hold-down. The instrument comprises a white powder-paint coated metal base carrying a Delrin column supporting the vertical slide, operating lever shaft, and micro-switch. The vertical slide carries the probe head, secured by a clamp screw. The probe head is positioned so that the micro-switch does not pass current until the probes have made contact, lost motion ensures that the current is switched off before the probes are raised. The wafer table slides towards the operator to enable the wafer to be centrally positioned, after which the vacuum control valve can be operated to secure it in position. When the table is pushed to the limit of its travel, a measurement can be made at it's center. Four radial positions at right-angles are denoted by a spring-loaded index ball incorporated in the rotary table. The radial distance of measurement is denoted by a similar arrangement on the linear slide index plate. Unwanted settings can be blocked off by easily removed screws. So that, for example, one could choose to measure at the center and four points at 50mm radius. A grounded metal shield screens the wafer from light and electrical noise during measurement. It is arranged that the shield rises when the probe head is fully lifted to permit loading.