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RHK UHV 3000 Scanning Tunneling Microscope

The UHV 300 subsystem packages take advantage of the inherent stability of the “Beetle” design. The vacuum chamber is designed with multiple ports targeted at the tip/sample interface. In addition to excellent operator view of the sample and internal operation, the system provides full optical access for research techniques which require line of sight access to the sample/tip interface such as apertureless NSOM. Furthermore, the sample stage is fixed (vibration isolation is external) and the microscope is free of any magnetic field sources providing an ideal research platform for techniques requiring a fixed focal point as in combined SPM/optical experiments, where magnetic field interference is critical or external magnetic fields will be applied.

The UHV 300 STM systems have been delivering the highest quality low current imaging for over a decade. Flexible operating modes combined with our low noise, high bandwidth control electronics provide the user with an unparalleled performance STM system package. Our patented tip exchange system provides simple tip exchange along with in-situ tip conditioning on VT systems or with the optional tip heating module.


Low Current Imaging - < 1pA at 5kHz bandwidth

High Speed Scanning - 3 Frames/second

Superior thermal and mechanical stability