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About Us

Enrollment and Student Profile

The Graduate School of Social Work at The University of Texas at Arlington was established in late 1967 and we greeted the first 26 MSSW students in September, 1968. Today we enroll more than 1,300 BSWMSSW and PhD students each semester and they travel from around the world to be part of our dynamic school.

Enrollments this year have been at an all-time high with 629 undergraduate, 649 masters and 48 PhD students totaling 1,326.

Of particular interest our 14 international students represented 10 countries this year, Austria, Bulgaria, India, Kenya, Korea, Republic of Korea, Liberia, Mexico, Nepal, Pakistan and Taiwan.

The mean cumulative GPA for students from our most recent graduating class was: 
Undergraduates 2.75
Masters 3.61
PhD 3.73

The racial ethnic make-up of our student population is:
29% Black/African American
20% Hispanic
9% Other or non-reported
42% White

Women continue to dominate enrollments:
Female: 88%
Male: 12%