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BSW Curriculum

BSW Courses and Notes

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Field Work Experience

The BSW program requires two consecutive semesters of field experience in a single human-service agency. The field experience is generally completed during a student’s last two semesters. Each semester consists of 240 clock hours as a social work intern as well as concurrent enrollment in a weekly, two-hour, on-campus seminar. Field placements are arranged early in the preceding spring or fall semester, after students are formally advised by a BSW program advisor as to field eligibility. Students must attend field-placement orientation and submit a field-placement application.

Assignment of students to field agencies is the responsibility of the school’s Director of Field Instruction. The final decision as to whether a particular student is placed in a particular agency rests with the agency. Although every possible effort is made to involve students in the placement process, students do not make the final decision as to where they are placed. All student assignments are tentative and contingent upon the student’s interview with the agency.

Computer and Oral Competencies

Social Work students will demonstrate competence in computer usage by successfully completing one technology course, usually CSE 1301. Oral communication skills will be demonstrated by successful completion of SPCH 1301, or a suitable substitute.

Transfer of Credit

BSW student transcripts are evaluated by the UT Arlington Office of Admissions. Courses that meet the liberal arts requirements of the BSW degree are applied to the degree plan. Other courses are designated as electives. The student receives credit for social work courses from CSWE accredited social work programs. The exceptions are SOCW 3304, Direct Practice II, and the practicum courses, SOCW 4251, 4252, 4451, and 4452 which must be completed at UT Arlington. No credit is given for life or work experience.