Kids' Connection Program

Kids' Connection Program

A Support Program for Children between the Ages of 8-13

Dallas County children who live in impoverished situations or who have experienced social difficulties, are at a much greater risk for poor school performance, juvenile delinquency and substance abuse.

Program Design: The Kids’ Connection program is presented in 10 group sessions by trained facilitators to teach children and youth a set of essential life skills: skills to help them learn how to cope with difficult family situations, resist peer pressure, set and achieve goals, and refuse alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Studies show that the combination of small group numbers, life skills, and caring adult support provided by the Kids’ Connection Program are effective in reducing key risks for substance abuse, delinquency, and violence.
Parents receive information on Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Drugs (ATOD), including effects of second-hand smoke, during parent meetings, health fairs, or other agency events. Information dissemination and referral services will be provided for participating families and others as appropriate.

1.Curriculum-Based Support Group consisting of 10 weekly sessions with a focus on the needs of children living in high-risk situations.

2.Presentations and trainings to parents to increase parental knowledge of child development and on the dangers of tobacco use as a result of prenatal or environmental tobacco-exposure on the growing child.

3.Presentations to children and youth  about alcohol, tobacco and other drug use.

For more information: Contact the New Connections – Kids’ Connections Program Director at 214-645-0932 to schedule free classes or presentations.