Agency Affiliation Criteria

Thank you for your interest in becoming a field placement site for The University of Texas at Arlington School of Social Work. Please review the sample forms below to assess your ability to enter into an affiliation relationship.

Review Sample Educational Experience Affiliation Agreement (pdf) here
Review Sample Program Agreement (pdf) here

  • Executed forms will be required if you are approved as a practicum site.

Affiliation Criteria:

In order to be approved for affiliation by the School of Social Work for the purpose of providing field instruction to social work students, agencies must meet the following criteria:

Agencies must be related in the purpose and function to the mission, goals, and objectives of the School of Social Work.

Agencies philosophy of service must be compatible with the philosophy, values, and ethics of the Social Work profession.

Agencies must be clear about their programs and methods.

Agencies’ programs must offer students a wide range of learning opportunities.

Agencies must have qualified Field Instructors.

Agencies must demonstrate support for professional social work education and for the educational focus of the field practicum.

Agencies must qualify for membership in the standard setting or accreditation bodies for which they are eligible.

Agencies must have been in operation for at least two years at the time of affiliation and must not be dependent on students to fulfill basic staffing needs.

Agencies must make reasonable arrangements for students with regard to space and equipment.

Agencies must agree to the execution of a written educational agreement and program agreement between the University of Texas at Arlington and the agencies’ representative duly authorized to enter into contractual agreements.

Agencies must be willing to provide some release time for field instructors to attend field orientation sessions and field instruction continuing education seminars and workshops.

If your agency meets the criteria for affiliation, click here to start your application.