Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE TO ALL USERS: If you have but do not remember your password: using your email address, go to E-Intern here and request a new password. The Field office cannot access your password.


Agency Questions

1. We have a staff member who is interested in supervision. How can they be approved as a Field Instructor?
The agency main contact person must login to E-Intern, click on Field Instructors and add a new user. The prospective field instructor will receive an email message directing them to complete the related application. The Director of Field Instruction will determine approval and will notify you by email.

2. The main contact for our agency has left/changed. How do I update that info?
Please email ( the Department of Field Instruction to obtain support establishing new main contact information.

3. We are interested in becoming an affiliated agency with UTA to host social work interns. How is this done?
Agencies who are interested in becoming affiliated with the School of Social Work at UTA can review the criteria here. After reviewing the criteria, you can register and complete an application here. Once your application is submitted you will be contacted by the Field Office.


Field Instructor Questions

1. How can I obtain CEU’s for providing supervision to an intern?
Contact the Office of Field Instruction by email ( to request a CEU Certificate.


Student Questions

1. Am I eligible for field?
In order to be eligible to apply for field practicum, you must have met the following criteria:


Must have completed the following prerequisite courses prior to 1st semester of field:

  • SOCW 2311: Intro to Social Work

  • SOCW 2313: Social Work Practice I

  • SOCW 3301: Human Behavior in the Social Environment I

  • SOCW 3302: Human Behavior in the Social Environment II

  • SOCW 3304: Social Work Practice II

In addition to the above, eligibility requires:

  • A minimum of 2.5 GPA or better on all courses with an SOCW prefix with no grade below "C".

  • A minimum overall 2.0 GPA


Graduate Micro/Macro

Must have completed the following prerequisite courses prior to 1st semester of field AND have a 3.0 GPA:

  • SOCW 5301: Human Behavior in the Social Environment

  • SOCW 5304: Generalist Micro Practice

  • SOCW 5306: Generalist Macro Practice


Graduate Advanced

Students must have completed all first year foundation courses as well as the micro/macro field practicum prior to enrolling in the second field course and be in good academic standing (3.0 GPA).  In addition, students must take an advanced methods course prior to or concurrently with each semester of the advanced placement.>


Direct Practice

Must have completed or take concurrently with field practicum:

SOCW 6325: Advanced Micro Practice

Community & Administrative Practice
Must have completed or take concurrently with field practicum:

SOCW 6371: Community & Administrative Practice

2. How do I apply for field? When can I apply?
You must apply online. Check the Field Calendar for advisory meeting and application dates.

3. I've applied for field in the past but did follow through. Do I need to reapply?
Yes. You must reapply using the same email address and password you used previously. If you do not remember your password, follow the related instructions above.

4. Do I need to reapply for field for my second semester of a split (two-semester) internship?
You do not need to reapply for field. However, you DO need to register for the appropriate class(es) for the second semester.

5. I'm having problems with the online application. What should I do?
Please email a brief description of the problem and your contact information to the Department of Field Instruction email ( with "Online Application Technical Difficulties" in the subject line.

6. Why doesn't an agency I'm looking for appear as one of my choices?
Either the agency is not accepting all student categories, is not accepting students for that particular semester, or has not submitted the intern request form. You can continue to check to see if the agency has been added, but do not miss the deadline for submitting your application for this reason.

7. I would like to complete my field placement at my current job. What do I need to do?
Review the Policies & Procedures Manuals (Undergraduate or Graduate) for specific guidelines.

8. What field practicum class(es) should I register for?

Undergraduate Field:

1st Semester Field: SOCW 4451 AND 1st Semester Seminar:  SOCW 4251

2nd Semester Field: SOCW 4452 AND  2nd Semester Seminar:  SOCW 4252

TDPRS CPS Title IV-E Placement: SOCW 4853


Graduate Field:

Micro/Macro: SOCW 5551 AND Seminar Class:  SOCW 5310

Advanced Split (1st semester): SOCW 6451

Advanced Split (2nd semester): SOCW 6452

Advanced Block: SOCW 6851

9. When/how will I get my agency and liaison assignments?
Agency and liaison assignments will be emailed to your mavs email address. Check the Field Calendar for specific dates that emails will be issued.

10. Where do I complete the end-of-semester evaluations?
Evaluations are completed and submitted online. Login to E-Intern using your email address and password to access them.