Graduate Field Instruction

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Graduate students who do not qualify for advanced standing status are required to complete two field placements for a total of 13 semester credit hours and 900 clock hours.

The first placement (Micro/Macro) requires 400 clock hours and must be completed in one semester. The second (Advanced) requires 500 clock hours and may be done in one semester or over the course of two consecutive semesters in one agency.

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Download Instructions on How to Apply for Field (pptx) Online Cohort

Course Schedules and Syllabi

NOTE: The numbers in parenthesis below are suggested weekly averages obtained by dividing the number of weeks in the semester by the number of hours required by the Council on Social Work Education. The student may or may not choose to arrange the hours of the field placement using the suggested weekly average, but all hours must be completed within the allotted number of weeks.


SOCW 5310: Micro/Macro Field Practice Seminar        (3 credit hours)

Focused on the integration of social work knowledge, theory, and skills learned in the classroom with practical application in social work settings. Provides the opportunity for exchange of ideas, feelings, and experiences relative to practice issues, professional growth and development, cultural diversity, the helping process, and social work values and ethics. Required of all students and must be taken concurrently with Applied Social Work Practice I (SOCW 5551). The second field placement must be taken in the student's method of concentration. The number of field placements is not unlimited. Courses may sometimes be repeated for credit.

SOCW 5551: Applied Social Work Practice I                 (5 credit hours)           400 hours


Suggested Time Requirements:

(Spring: 25 hrs/wk*)

(Summer: 36.36 hrs/wk*)

(Fall: 26.66 hrs/wk*)



Advanced Split

SOCW 6451: Applied Social Work Practice II                (4 credit hours)           250 hours

SOCW 6452: Applied Social Work Practice II                (4 credit hours)           250 hours


Suggested Time Requirements:

(Spring: 15.62 hrs/wk*)

(Summer: 22.72 hrs/wk*)

(Fall: 16.66 hrs/wk*)



Advanced Block  

SOCW 6851: Applied Social Work Practice II                (8 credit hours)           500 hours 


Suggested Time Requirements:

(Spring: 31.25 hrs/wk*)

(Summer: 45.45 hrs/wk*)

(Fall: 33.33 hrs/wk*)