Diversity Certificate Program

Diversity Certificate Program

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The Diversity Certificate Program (DCP) provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to develop an intersectional and interdisciplinary understanding of social identities including race, class, gender, and sexuality from a social justice perspective that demonstrates multicultural competency and diversity awareness. Completion of the certificate provides evidence of specialized study, which can be beneficial for increasing future professional and academic opportunities. The certificate is marketable to a wide variety of employers, graduate and professional schools, as well as non-profit and community action organizations.

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Who should pursue this?

  • Undergraduate students interested in developing a critical understanding of social inequalities.
  • Undergraduate students interested in learning about many identities and cultures.
  • Undergraduate students interested in demonstrating multicultural competency to future employers.
  • Undergraduate students interested in enhancing their major with an interdisciplinary specialization in diversity studies.

What will I learn?

  • Students will be able to perceive and articulate any given event from more than one cultural viewpoint.
  • Students will be able to communicate an understanding of the ways in which race, ethnicity, and/or gender are socially constructed.
  • Students will develop a greater understanding and empathy for social justice issues and how bias and oppression can affect different populations.

The Diversity Certificate Program requires a total of 12 credit hours - 3 credit hours in each diversity domain:
1) Gender and Sexuality
2) Race and Ethnicity
3) Social and Economic Equality
A 3 credit hour capstone course met by completing either
SOCW 3317 – Human Behaviors and Diverse Populations
MANA 4326 – Diversity in Organizations
A 3-page reflection paper that explores your feelings and observations about diversity and the DCP.

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