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Diversity Certificate Program

Diversity Certificate Program

About the Diversity Certificate Program

The Diversity Certificate Program (DCP) facilitates student learning about human diversity. DCP students study diversity from multiple disciplinary perspectives in courses that highlight race and ethnicity, gender and sexuality, and social and economic inequality. Students work with the DCP advisor to create individualized plans of study that complement their major degree plans and help them meet their unique personal, professional, and academic goals.

Outside of the classroom DCP students take advantage of UTA’s rich cultural and educational programming by attending campus events that broaden their understanding of diversity. Students are also provided with many opportunities to interact by participating on the DCP Newsletter Advisory Board, attending DCP meet-ups, and using virtual discussion board platforms maintained for DCP students through Blackboard.

The DCP adds value to all undergraduate degree plans by preparing students to live and work with members of diverse populations. The flexibility of the Diversity Certificate plan allows students to pursue their own interests and focus on coursework that will serve them in their chosen professional and/or academic field.

UT Arlington began offering a diversity certificate spring 2014 and currently boasts 70 actively enrolled students and 5 graduates!


DCP students are required to complete 12-credit hours by taking courses that highlight various aspects of human diversity. Students must complete 3-credit hours in each of the following diversity domains: 1) racial and ethnic relations, 2) gender and sexuality, and 3) social and economic inequality. They must also complete a capstone course (SOCW 3317 Human Behavior and Diverse Populations or MANA 4326 Diversity in Organizations). Additionally, students must attend three pre-approved co-curricular campus events that highlight aspects of human diversity. The final requirement is a 3-page paper in which students reflect on their experiences in DCP courses and at DCP approved co-curricular events. The paper must be submitted to the DCP advisor during their final semester in the program.


All matriculating UT Arlington undergraduate students with a 2.5+ GPA are eligible to apply to the DCP.

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Marlene Waage
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