MSSW Dual Degree Plans

Students in social work may participate in one of five dual degree programs whereby they can earn a Master of Science in Social Work and a second master’s degree in another. Currently we have dual degree plans for the following programs. If you are interested in a dual degree with a different discipline, please consult with the graduate advisor.

1. Master of City and Regional Planning
2. Master of Public Administration
3. Master of Arts in Urban Affairs
4. Master of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice
5. Master of Arts in Sociology

By participating in a dual degree program, students can apply some semester hours jointly to meet the requirements of both degrees, thus reducing the total number of hours which would be required to earn both degrees separately. The number of hours which may be jointly applied ranges from 6 to 18 hours, subject to the approval of Graduate Advisors from both programs.

The two dual degrees most frequently pursued by our students are those involving the Master of Public Administration (and Social Work) and the Master of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice (and Social Work).

To participate in the dual degree program, students must make separate application to each program and must submit a separate Program of Work for each degree. Students are encouraged to consult concurrently with the graduate advisors in the appropriate degree programs for further information on course requirements. The templates listed above are suggested courses to be used in conjunction with both programs. Please see the advisor in your dual degree program to confirm actual course selections. Please also see also the statement on Dual Degree Programs in the Graduate Catalog at

Students may add a dual degree up until they have completed 24 hours of coursework within the School of Social Work. Please see the following website to find the paperwork add one of these degree plans into your official degree plan.