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Office of Field Education

Second-Year Graduate Students

Second-year (Advanced) Graduate Students is for students entering the MSW program with a BSW. First-Year Graduate Students field instruction is for students entering the MSW program without a BSW

To be a second-year, or "advanced," graduate student, you have either a BSW degree, or you have satisfactorily completed the first year MSW courses, including your first field placement.

For your advanced field placement, the Office of Field Education facilitates your assignment to an agency or organization where you must complete a total of 480 agency-based hours in one or two semesters.

That is, you may choose to enroll in a "block" placement wherein you complete 480 agency-based hours in one semester, or you may choose a “split” placement wherein you enroll in field for two consecutive semesters completing at least 240 hours each term in the same agency.

When to Apply

You must apply for field study the semester before you want to begin your field placement. You may enter field in the fall, spring, or summer. To enter field in the fall, you need to apply through when the application process is open in June and July. To enter field in the spring, you need to apply through when the application process is open September through early November. To enter Field in the summer, you need to apply through when the application process is open from February through April. To know the exact dates of application, you will need to check the SSW calendar.

Advisors in the MSW program in the School of Social Work will work closely with you to develop a degree plan that includes the requirements you must complete before you are eligible for field placement.

How to apply

We will host question and answer sessions each semester. Watch your email for these meetings.

  • Meet with your Advisor.
  • Complete the application for field study on e-intern.
  • Purchase professional liability insurance, and submit the “Certification of Insurance” to the Field Office. Your application will not be considered "complete" until the Field Office receives this certificate.
  • Enroll in the appropriate course.
  • Receive, via email, contact information for your matched agency.
  • Call the contact person at the agency to arrange an interview.
  • Meet your interview as scheduled.
  • The agency will/or will not accept you. You will receive notice by email.
  • If accepted, you will respond by accepting the placement via email.
  • If not accepted, you will notify the field office to receive another match.

E-Intern Application Instructions for Students

E-Intern is a robust online system that assists field staff to match you with an agency for your field experience. E-intern includes student information/application, agency and field instructor information/application, online evaluation forms for students, field instructors, field liaisons, and more.

Professional Liability Insurance

You are required to purchase professional liability insurance before you can be placed in an agency. This provides coverage for you in the event that a complaint or legal action occurs as a result of your work as a field student. (See MSW Field Policy Manual.) You need only purchase coverage in the 1-3 million dollar range.