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Our convenient and affordable Internet courses are designed to be "low-tech" so that participation does not require high-level computer skills or the latest in computer technology. To participate in these courses, you only need an Internet connection speed of 56k or above, Internet Explorer 4.01 or above, and an email address. If you want to participate in one of the online courses marked "video/audio," you need an Internet connection of 56K or above, Internet Explorer 6.0 or above or Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or above, and Adobe Flashplayer.

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CEU Approval

Each on-line course provides three hours of continuing education credit (0.3 CEU) unless otherwise noted. All courses are approved for continuing education credit for Social Work, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Licensed Marital and Family Therapist. A CEU certificate will be emailed to you upon completion of the course. The certificate is dated according to the date on which you submit a skills assessment quiz at the end of the course.

Licensing boards may limit the number of CEUs that may be obtained through home study. Check with your licensing board for specific information.


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  1. Register Online: Complete the registration form here
  2. Register by Phone: Call 817-272-3921 and register over the phone with a credit card.
  3. Register by Mail: Simply download and complete the form here and mail to:
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  4. Register by FAX: Complete the registration form and fax it, 24 hours a day, to 817-272-5218.


Refunds are not issued for courses that have been accessed but not completed within 30 days of the enrollment date. A refund will be issued minus a $15 administrative fee if cancellation is received prior to accessing the course.

Course Work

You have 30 days from your registration date to complete the course. After telephoning or sending your registration, you will receive an email message informing you of your registration date before the end of the following bussiness day with your course ID and your course password. The email message will give you instructions for accessing the course.

The courses are self-paced and you may access the course as many times as you want, whenever you want, during the 30-day period.

If you fail to complete the course within 30 days, you will be dropped from the course with no refund. Once you have accessed the course, there will be no refund.  There will be a $15 administrative fee assessed for cancellation requests after a registration has been received and processed.


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Category Course# CEU Presenter Course Title
(click on title below for course description)
Ethics SSW 010 0.3 Rick Hoefer Ethics of Advocacy   Video/Audio
Ethics SSW 012 0.3 Rick Hoefer Ethics of Budgeting
General Practice SSW 013 0.3 Rick Hoefer Stress Management
General Practice SSW 014 0.3 Rick Hoefer Helping Clients Change: A Transtheoretical Approach
Ethics SSW 018 0.3 Rick Hoefer The Ethics of Program Evaluation
Ethics SSW 019 0.3 Catheleen Jordan Ethics in Action: A Model for the Thoughful Social Worker
General Practice SSW 020 0.3 Catheleen Jordan Blenders: The New Brady Bunch   
Ethics SSW 024 0.3 Rhonda Triana Ethics Between the Sexes
General Practice SSW 025 0.3 Rick Hoefer Planning Advocacy for Social Justice
General Practice SSW 026 0.3 Rick Hoefer Conducting Advocacy for Social Justice
Ethics SSW 027 0.3 Ellen Elliston Beyond the ABC's of Ethics: Things You May Not Have Learned in School
General Practice SSW 030 0.3 Rick Hoefer Basic Concepts of Nonprofit Leadership
Premium Course  $65
General Practice SSW 031 0.3 Beverly Black Assessing Levels of Moral Development Video/Audio
Ethics SSW 032 0.3 Beverly Black Human Behavior Theories and Social Work Ethics - Coming soon
General Practice SSW 033 0.3 Beverly Black Creating a Dating Violence Prevention Program: How Will You Do It?
General Practice SSW 034 0.3 Beverly Black Transpersonal Theory for Social Work Practice
General Practice SSW 035 0.3 Beverly Black Feminist Theory and Social Work Practice
General Practice SSW 036 0.3 Beverly Black Adolescent Dating Violence and Adult Responses
General Practice SSW 037 0.3 Beverly Black Systems-Based Theories and Social Work Practice
General Practice SSW 038 0.3 Rick Hoefer Making Better Decisions
Video/Audio                       Premium Course  $65
General Practice SSW 039 0.3 Regina Aguirre Suicide: An Introduction to What It Is and How to Intervene
Military/Veteran MIL 9000 0.3 Regina Aguirre Suicide: How to Intervene with Stateside, Deployed, and Veteran Populations
Ethics 0.3
MIL 9001 0.6 Warren Ponder Marital Satisfaction and Managing Long-distance Relationships in the Military Family: Tips for Clinicians on the Home-front and Downrange  $65
Military/Veteran MIL 9002 0.3 Bill Peters Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI)
Gerontology GER 8000 0.3 Pat Gleason-Wynn Perspectives in Aging in American Society
Gerontology GER 8001 0.3 Pat Gleason-Wynn The Aging Process (Physical Health and Mental Health)
Gerontology GER 8002 0.3 Kim Olmedo Social Work Practice with Older Adults
Gerontology GER 8003 0.3 Pat Gleason-Wynn Aging Policy and Service Delivery in the United States
Gerontology GER 8004 0.3 Pat Gleason-Wynn Ethical Issues and Aging
Gerontology Ethics 0.3 GER 8005 0.3 Pat Gleason-Wynn A Look at Evidence-Based Practice with Older Adults: Exploring Ethical Issues
General Practice SSW 042 2.0 Ellen Eliston & Jane Phillips Effective Supervision for Clincal Practice Pt. I
General Practice SSW 043 2.0 Ellen Eliston & Jane Phillips Effective Supervision for Clincal Practice Pt. II
General Practice SSW 052 0.3 Ellen Elliston Supervision Pt. I: Moduel 1- Introduction to Clincal Supervision
General Practice SSW 053 0.3 Ellen Elliston Supervision Pt. I: Module 2- Developing Supervisory Stucture and Core Supervisory Skills
General Practice SSW 054 0.3 Ellen Elliston Supervision Pt. I: Module 3 Supervisory Process
General Practice SSW 055 0.3 Ellen Elliston Supervision Pt. I: Module 4- Clnical Models of Supervision
General Practice SSW 060 0.3 Ellen Elliston Supervison Pt. II: Module 2- Clinical and Supervisory Documentation
General Practice SSW 061 0.3 Ellen Elliston Supervison Pt. II: Module 3- Effective Evaluatio of Supervisees
General Practice SSW 063 0.3 Ellen Elliston Supervison Pt. II: Module 5- Ethical and Legal Issues in Clincal Supervision
General Practice SSW 064 0.3 Ellen Elliston Supervison Pt. II: Module 6- Ethics in Clinical Practice
General Practice SSW 065 0.3 Ellen Elliston Supervison Pt. II: Module 7- Clinical and Supervisory Boundaries and Self-Care
Grantwriting GRW 7000 0.3 Rick Hoefer The World of Grantwriting: Do You Have What It Takes in the Age of Scarcity?
Grantwriting GRW 7001 0.3 Rick Hoefer Finding Foundation and Government Grant Opportunities
Grantwriting GRW 7002 0.3 Rick Hoefer Uncovering Need in Your Community
Grantwriting GRW 7003 0.3 Rick Hoefer Evidence-Based Programs Solutions (with Logic Models) and Evaluation
Grantwriting GRW 7004 0.3 Rick Hoefer Implementation Planning
Grantwriting GRW 7005 0.3 Rick Hoefer Budgeting, Capacity, and Final Details