Campaign Associate

Contract time frame: August 15, 2013 to November 15, 2013
Accountable To: Regional Director
• The campaign associate will be responsible for the following campaign management responsibilities during the contract time:
o Facilitating and managing all campaign event requests via email (and phone when applicable) to our member charities, corporate campaign partners and other participating federations
o Ensure that all campaign event requests are filled with a member agency and/or CHC, with priority to ensure at least 1 member agency is at every requested event.
o Ensure that all campaign event requests are filled within a 48 hour period, or time frame designated by the requesting entity
o Attend public and private sector campaign events on behalf of CHC and our member agencies
o Keep clear records of campaign events to include (date of event, location, agencies invited, date of sent invitation, and agencies attended.)
• Gain a full understanding about the federation, the Health Matters at Work and Volunteer Matters 365 programs, and our member agencies, including the programs and services they provide; and be able to articulate this information in a presentation manner.
• Serve as the main point of contact regarding campaign activities to member charities for the duration of the contract
• Serve as the main point of contact to corporate partners/ campaign coordinators for the duration of the contract
• Assist in the creation of campaign materials as needed
• Deliver any and all campaign materials (posters, flyers, brochures, etc) to agencies, and private and public sector partners as requested.
• Provide communication between internal staff and Regional Director
• Perform marketing and other administrative tasks as assigned
• Provide weekly updates and reports

• Must have a high degree of interest in learning about the nonprofit sector, health related organizations, and the corporate giving structure.
• Must have a valid Texas driver’s license, car insurance and operational and reliable transportation
• Must have access to cell phone and computer
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Qualities that will provide success: highly motivated, enthusiastic, multi-task oriented, punctual, organized, possess excellent critical thinking skills, dependable, detail oriented, and creative.
• Must be resourceful and capable of working with minimum supervision
• Ability to organize multiple tasks and responsibilities while maintain efficiency
• Advanced computer skills, proficiency with Microsoft Office and Adobe Suites.
• Must be able to lift 10 pounds

• When attending campaign events the dress code is business casual: demonstrating good judgment in choices and displaying a neat appearance (e.g., polo shirt, shirt with collar or sweater, khakis or other slacks, dress or casual leather shoes for men and women; moderate length dress or skirt for women.)