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Research Development Office

The University of Texas at Arlington School of Social Work has a diverse and robust research portfolio reflecting the varied interests and expertise of our faculty members. You will find scholarly contributions in many forms including peer reviewed journal articles, policy papers, books, and research reports aimed at reaching not only academic audiences, but also community partners and consumers.

The Research Development Office serves as a nexus for a variety of services and supports to foster the research productivity of our faculty and students while also enhancing the research capacity of our community partners. We invite you to view our newsletters, links to faculty research and calendar of events. We actively solicit feedback from our partners and visitors alike.

Please direct your suggestions / inquiries to Kim Davidson at
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Other Services Available
  • Internal grant review committee
  • Community Consultations
  • Seminars, Workshops & Colloquia
  • Green Team
  • Public education campaign
  • Sustainability planning
  • Information center
  • Training opportunities
  • Fulbright Scholar Awards
  • Annual Report